Wantagh Mazda Testimonial

Before Naked Lime, I was paying another company to do something for me, but I wasn’t sure what I was getting. I didn’t see any tangible results or analytics to show me what they were doing. There was a definite lack of follow-through and disclosure. It was nothing like the communication that I get with Naked Lime – the updates, the monthly reporting, and the weekly (or sometimes daily) emails about our business.

When we decided to try Naked Lime, we started with the website and naturally progressed from there.

I knew how extremely valuable online reputation management was. We had already been trying to promote and maintain our good reviews. I was personally trying to respond to all these things and I knew the amount of work that it involved. The service and the value that Naked Lime presented was so phenomenal, I jumped right in.

Our reputation specialist quickly learned our vision and how we do business. He speaks for me exactly the way he should, so I don’t have to babysit every response. It’s been great that’s it’s not me asking what we can do to improve. There are always suggestions coming from your side to me.

As for measurable results, we were already one of the top sales volume dealers in our region. Some places we needed to improve were Service retention and marketing to our Service customers. That’s where our results are off the charts. We went from being in one of the bottom percentile for retention a year ago, to  being at such a significantly high retention level that we’ve moved up to a different class in the rating system. They even audited us because they literally said our improvements were impossible to achieve in a year. A big part of that was Naked Lime.

Our success happened very strongly, very quickly, and very tangibly. I’m shown the analytics that prove there is a relationship between the customers we market to and the names that came back in. It’s not just coincidence. The interaction, the reporting, the experience – it’s all been a refreshing surprise.

Vin Vergara

General Manager

Wantagh Mazda

Wantagh, NY