Two Rivers Ford Testimonial

I wasn’t involved in the original decision to partner with Naked Lime. When I took over our marketing department, I wanted to see what other companies had to offer, but Naked Lime always came back as highly recommended. Since then, Naked Lime has stood out as being a better partner than any of the others we looked into.

We used to have Ford Direct handle 50% of our Google AdWords and Naked Lime handle the other 50%. We ended up cancelling that part of our Ford Direct contract and moving the majority of our budget to Naked Lime. Naked Lime takes a more tailored approach, whereas Ford Direct does the same things for every Ford dealership. When we analyzed market share in our area we were excited to see that although Ford sales within 20 miles of us only grew 0.9% in 3 years, our individual sales grew 4.9%!

The biggest benefit of Naked Lime is having a lead account strategist who truly knows our dealership. I view him as the right arm of our marketing department – he’s amazing. I really can’t say enough good things about him. Anytime I send him an email, he’s on it.

Whether it’s Facebook algorithms or which Google AdWords are working, he’s constantly analyzing the market for us. He is always saying, “Here’s what we can improve. We found this. Let’s change that.” He helps me understand our market, target better, and really helps with both our digital and traditional marketing.

We have a monthly strategy call with Ford Direct and I always involve my Naked Lime account strategist. He’s great at analyzing their results and pointing them in the right direction, too. At one point I was considering an iHeartmedia conquest program and I made sure he was also involved in that. Being able to pull him into the calls or run things by him is a great asset that Naked Lime offers.

Before we got Naked Lime in 2014, we were averaging 177 units and 840 ROs per month. Just a year after getting Naked Lime, we saw an increase in units sold to 215 and an increase in ROs to 1,075. Naked Lime has been absolutely amazing.

What Naked Lime and my lead account strategist give us is a reason for customers to be loyal to our dealership. For that, I’m very loyal to Naked Lime. I would highly recommend them to another dealership.

Tammy Jacobs

Marketing Director

Two Rivers Ford

Mt Juliet, TN