Richard Bazzy's Shults Ford Testimonial

Before I started using Naked Lime for digital marketing I tried to do it all myself - from social media to website management. Eventually it became too much so I started searching for help.

We have Reynolds as our DMS so I had heard of Naked Lime Marketing. I knew it would work with our system and a few dealers recommended them, so I chose Naked Lime as our digital marketing partner.

Immediately after signing up, we started a contest for our fans to submit and vote on their favorite Yee Haw videos. Naked Lime did all the video uploads and advertising, I just came up with the idea. We generated 4,000 Facebook fans in less than 2 months and created awareness for our dealership. In Service this year, Naked Lime has helped us bring in 2,279 customers with email campaigns, which is 26% of our total ROs for the year.

You can’t do digital marketing yourself, it’s too much and quality will suffer. Naked Lime is professional, quick, and easy to work with. They do the digital marketing ‘heavy lifting’ and I sell more cars, it’s an excellent collaboration.

John Huselton

Sales Manager

Richard Bazzy's Shults Ford

Pittsburgh, PA