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Gain insight into the automotive industry and learn what you need to do to stay ahead.

Technicians in a dealership service department

Your Dealership's Multi-Point Marketing Inspection

50% of car buyers will not return to the dealership for service work after one year. This is your guide to bringing them back.

Dealership data helps improve retention and identify conquest opportunities

The Common Denominator of Customer Retention and Conquest

How can dealers retain more customers while also winning more from the competition? Use data to reveal consumer patterns and purchasing behaviors.

Case Studies

Gain insight into the automotive industry and learn what you need to do to stay ahead.

TM for Advanced Service Follow up

Closing the Gap in Service: Boosting Customer Loyalty and Employee Efficiency, Automatically

Find out how Naked Lime's Targeted Marketing for Advanced Service increased one dealership's gross profits by $25,000 in just one quarter.

Social media digital advertising

Dealership Success with Automated Inventory Ads on Facebook

Read what happened when Cronic CDJR advertised their real-time inventory to social media audiences using Automotive Inventory Ads on Facebook. 

Naked Lime’s Fresh Squeeze Gets a Refresh

The Fresh Squeeze blog receives a new look and new home.

Naked Lime Marketing Expert Set to Speak at Digital Dealer

Dealers can learn how to capture demand effectively and efficiently at the speaker session.

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