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Technicians in a dealership service department

Your Dealership's Multi-Point Marketing Inspection

50% of car buyers will not return to the dealership for service work after one year. This is your guide to bringing them back.

Dealership data helps improve retention and identify conquest opportunities

The Common Denominator of Customer Retention and Conquest

How can dealers retain more customers while also winning more from the competition? Use data to reveal consumer patterns and purchasing behaviors.

Dealership data helps improve retention and identify conquest opportunities

2021 Brand Retention and Defection Report

Use real transactional data to understand retention and defection rates by manufacturer and identify conquest opportunities.

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Facebook: The Automotive Marketing of Tomorrow!

The future of selling cars is through personalization, and for that, Facebook reigns supreme. Discover everything you need to know about advertising effectively on the social media giant's platform with our free eBook.

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Facebook Advertising Quick Reference Guide

It’s more important than ever to use clean, segmented, first party data for social targeting success. As an agency level Facebook Partner, Naked Lime knows exactly how to use your data to reach the right audiences.

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Lights, Camera, Action! Dealership Video Marketing

Today's consumer is bombarded with more ads in a typical day compared to any other point in history. Digital campaigns must stand out and hold someone's attention. Increasingly, the best channel to accomplish this is digital video. 

Analyzing data for improved targeting and effectiveness of dealership advertising.

Your Marketing is History

Too much dealership marketing is based on what the target buyer did in the past. Stop trying to sell to the person they were years ago, when they bought their last car. You have the data to predict what they'll do next.

Service marketing helps raise profits.

Automating Follow-Up in Service

Transform the profit potential of your service department with targeted follow-up marketing to customers who decline service.

Saving money with OEM co-op funds

Taking Charge of Your Co-Op Spend

How to maximize OEM funds and master your marketing budget.