Naked Lime Whitepapers and E-books Deliver Dealer Insights, Cap Off an Eventful 2019

Year that saw launch of multiple new tools and services to help dealers excel in their digital marketing in the midst of continued industry change

2019 proved to be an eventful year for Naked Lime Marketing (NLM) and its full suite of marketing, advertising, and web services for automotive retailers. The Naked Lime team launched a number of new tools and services aimed at helping dealers outperform the competition and also released several original studies that deliver new insights into familiar digital marketing challenges for dealers.

2019 saw the launch of both Compass, a complete marketing intelligence platform that uses fact-based decision-making to target potential dealership customers, and of video creation services, which meets a growing need for high-quality video content in dealership online advertising.

“Compass and Video Creation Services solve different problems for dealerships and illustrate Naked Lime’s breadth of development talent and capacity to deliver as a one-stop shop for our dealers,” said Chris Walsh, vice president and general manager at Naked Lime. “Whether we’re leveraging data to create powerful new customer information segments or tailoring dealership video content to fit unique platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, our underlying goal of helping dealers overcome the challenges they face has never changed.”

The team at Naked Lime also authored ongoing dealer education pieces in 2019 with the goal of delivering fresh marketing insights. Click here to see the full resource library on

“Our team’s ability to deliver new, high-impact information for dealers illustrates the expertise that is the foundation of our services,” said Walsh. “All of us at Naked Lime take a lot of pride in the consistency and quality of what our experts produce, whether that’s unique market research or a deep dive into the latest trending topics. The engagement and feedback we receive from dealers tells us they feel likewise.”

About the Resources

Automotive Brand Retention and Defection Report

Customer retention long has been a top priority for dealerships of every brand, but there remain unavoidable disparities in the retention rates of various automotive brands. Understanding the “how and why” of these disparities is critical for automotive retailers of every stripe to enact a winning strategy for targeting and conquesting customers. Download here.

Automating Follow-Up in Service

There’s a missed opportunity plaguing dealership service departments: following up with customers who have declined recommended service. This ties into lifetime revenue potential, which means thinking of every customer in terms of how much revenue they might generate for the dealership over the full lifetime of their relationship, not just the initial vehicle sale or service job. When dealers consider long-term value, effective and consistent follow-up in service becomes a tremendous opportunity. Download here.

LEVEL UP! A Holistic Guide to Modern SEO

Digital strategy isn't about individual pieces like keywords or blog content – it’s about how those pieces connect. Taking a holistic approach to search engine optimization (SEO) can boost search rank and increase dealership website visits, putting savvy dealers front-and-center for shoppers searching for a place to buy. Download here.

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