Naked Lime Marketing on Fixed Ops Roundtable: How to Attract High Dollar ROs

Expert shares what dealers can do to boost their service profits with high dollar ROs.

Naked Lime made its first appearance on the Fixed Ops Roundtable this week when Ted Ings sat down with Amberly Montgomery, Naked Lime Marketing’s Growth and Development Manager, to talk about how dealers can effectively attract high dollar ROs.

As the Thanksgiving season ramps up and consumers plan out their holiday travels, many are stopping into the service drive to make sure their vehicles are running safely and efficiently. As most dealers are already experiencing busy service lanes, Montgomery shares the role that marketing can play in keeping the momentum and bringing in the most profitable work.

“Data is the root of all marketing right now,” Montgomery shares. “You know more about your customers than any of your competitors, and if you’re not leveraging that data, organizing that data, and using that data to target those customers then you’re truly missing out on service business.”

One of the biggest places where dealers miss out on profits comes from their declined services. Montgomery offers a few suggestions for how to bring these customers back without adding more responsibilities to the workload of busy service advisors.

Hear more about successfully marketing your dealership’s fixed operations by watching the full video: 

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