Naked Lime Expert Set to Speak on Panel at DMSC

Dealers can learn new uses of technology to improve communication cadence, marketing outcomes, and ultimately sales effectiveness.

Amberly Montgomery, Naked Lime Marketing’s Growth and Development Manager, is set to speak on a panel of leading industry experts at the Digital Marketing Strategies Conference in Austin, TX.

This conference, which takes place May 21st - 23rd, features hands-on training from industry experts in cutting-edge workshops and offers information on innovative tech advancements, data management platforms, and marketing automation solutions.

Amberly points out that these technological advancements align with larger changes to the marketing landscape for automotive retailers. “Our goal this year at DMSC is to share with dealers what makes a successful dealership marketing strategy in today’s world. The key to it all is data—specifically, accurate, actionable data that you can use for targeting—but there’s much more to it than just that,” Montgomery shares.

“Data is the root of all marketing right now. You know more about your customers than any of your competitors, and if you’re not leveraging that data, organizing that data, and using that data to target those customers then you’re truly missing out.”

The hour-long panel featuring Montgomery and other industry experts will take place from 6:00-7:00 p.m. on May, 22, the second day of the conference.

Learn more about the speaker panel and the event schedule for day two here:

Agenda Day Two | DMSC 2023 (

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