Naked Lime and Gubagoo Share Insight in ASOTU CON Sessions Episode

Experts from Naked Lime and Gubagoo talk about data, customer segmentation, and tech advances.

Last month at the first ASOTU CON in Philadelphia, Naked Lime’s Kristen Limbert and Gubagoo’s Molly Meyer sat down with ASOTU host, Michael Cirillo, for a conversation about all things marketing and data.

In Episode 12 of the ASOTU CON Sessions, the group specifically discusses the importance of utilizing first party data in dealer’s targeted marketing efforts.

With consumer expectations and interests constantly changing, Kristen Limbert, Regional Sales Director of Naked Lime Marketing’s Enterprise Accounts and Gubagoo, shares that customers have never stopped engaging with retailers or buying their products:

“They just shifted what they were focusing on and how they were engaging,” says Limbert.

One place many dealers are seeing these shifts in consumer interests firsthand is in the upswing of demand for fixed operations. Consumers are looking for maintenance and repairs now more than ever, and dealership marketing needs to be reactive to these kinds of behavioral changes.

 “Your marketing is a miss if it’s not relevant to who you’re sending it to, no matter how flashy,” responds Limbert. “You have to figure out how to align with your customer base…that’s how as retailers we connect.”

Dealers interested in learning more about consumer behaviors and how to effectively utilize their first party data for marketing can watch the full session now on YouTube, or listen along on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or Google Podcasts:

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