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A GM dealership in Baird, TX (about 20 minutes outside Abilene) who has used Naked Lime SEO services for one year, as of February, 2016.


The dealership needed to bring in local customers, but also wanted to compete within the larger area of Abilene.

This challenge required a solid SEO presence in order to rank highly on mobile and regular searches in the area and increase overall site visits.


  • Organic traffic sessions for Abilene were too low to bring in the number of leads desired, specifically for terms “Chevy”, “Silverado”, “Sierra” and “Abilene”. Pages within the dealerships site weren’t optimized well enough to rank for local search terms.
  • Dealership needed to increase number of Social Media followers for both Facebook and Twitter in order to generate more leads into the website.
  • This dealership was seeing poor results due poor mobile optimization. Mobile usability is a key factor in determining how any site will display on Google’s search results. The more mobile-friendly a site is, the better the ranking will be.

Action Steps

  • Transitioned all page URLs to “Abilene TX” and converted any old pages to mobile optimized versions. Transitioned all current page URLs to “Abilene TX” and converted any old pages to mobile optimized versions.
  • Placed forms on all pages, updated page text and headings, meta descriptions and keywords, and double checked all site links.
  • Created blog posts focused on Abilene, TX, and more site pages and campaigns with an Abilene focus.


  • Overall form leads increased from 94 to 123 with a conversion rate increase of 16.52% on the pages.
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  • Organic traffic sessions to Abilene-optimized pages increased by 25.13%.
  • All organic traffic increased by 5.76%, which is an increase of over 650 visitors with an average of 3.81 pages/visit.
  • Abilene-focused organic visits increased from 852 to 1,137 visits with an average of 3.48 pages per visit.
Graph showing year-over-year increase in page sessions after optimization.
  • Page sessions increased from 15,785 to 17,763 and returning users increased from 38.6% to 43.7%.
Graphic illustrating increase in Facebook fans and Twitter followers
  • Facebook fans increased by 630 and Twitter followers increased by 40. Social traffi c to the website increased from 126 to 176, a 39.68% increase.
Graph showing the decrease in mobile usability issues after optimization
  • Mobile usability issues decreased from 23 to 2, leading to an increase in mobile traffi c.


In all, 116 pages were updated, edited and had data added. Heavy focus was placed on promoting community involvement and dealership local events on social media to improve local engagement. With the help of Naked Lime SEO, the dealership was able to increase leads and recognition within their local area, along with neighboring cities, specifically Abilene.

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