One Strategy to Increase Service Profits

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Huggins Honda is a dealership in Texas who had been using Advanced Service from Reynolds and Reynolds for 1.5 years. The dealership saw excellent growth from Advanced Service. It also helped them realize how much work was being recommended and not completed.

Advanced Service allowed the dealership to offer a standardized and efficient service experience to their customers. It also paved the way to capitalize on up-sell opportunities. However, they were missing one key piece to the process: declined service follow-up.

Customers who decline a recommended service are flagged in Advanced Service, but actual follow-up is a manual process that requires dedication, time, and attention. For Huggins Honda, the follow-up wasn’t being performed consistently or effectively, causing the dealership to miss out on additional service revenue.

The Solution

The best way to capture missing service revenue was to implement a system that would automatically and dynamically follow up with customers who decline a recommended service for their vehicle.


The first step was to cleanse the dealership database. Naked Lime corrected addresses and updated VIN ownership records to maximize deliverability and accuracy of follow-up messages.

The system then began to identify and notify customers who had declined a service. The reminder messages were categorized based on the urgency of the repair and personalized for each customer.

Each month, the database was updated and additional emails were appended, allowing Huggins Honda to follow up with more customers who declined recommended services.

Detailed results tracking allowed the dealership to see who had been contacted, who actually returned for the service, and how much each customer spent on the repair.


Graph showing year-over-year sales generated from customers who returned for declined services before and after implementing automatic follow-up.

Naked Lime measured the year-over-year sales generated from customers who returned for declined services before and after implementing automatic follow-up. Huggins Honda saw tremendous growth in their already successful service drive.


Naked Lime helped build on what they were already doing well and provided a more complete service experience to their customers. In addition to monetary benefits, Huggins Honda also noticed an increase in customer feedback about their follow up messages. Customers are thankful for the soft reminder, which is viewed as customer service rather than a sales tactic.

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