How ShowroomMagnet Turns Web Leads Into Sales

Illustration of five hands holding gift cards

Most dealers struggle with turning website viewers into dealership customers. Naked Lime faced similar challenges in motivating our site visitors to participate in actual conversations about our services.


Naked Lime was presented with a very limited window of time to sell one particular solution to dealers. We needed to capture the attention of the dealers visiting our site and provide a reason for them to pursue more information. Maximizing our selling time was critical, so we wanted to encourage meaningful conversations with the most serious prospects.


Naked Lime used incentive-based marketing to encourage interested customers to follow through with a presentation. With our own ShowroomMagnet service, we implemented coordinated page banners, popovers, page tabs, and email campaigns to put the offer in front of dealers considering the service.

Example of lead form to claim a gift card in exchange for a product demo.


Our sales team experienced a much higher appointment show rate and closing ratio from leads generated through ShowroomMagnet than other lead sources. Enrollment in the program ultimately increased by 30% year-over-year.

Graphic showing the appointment show rate and deal close rate for ShowroomMagnet leads.


Even when customers are interested in your products, they often need a little push to move forward with providing contact information and committing their time to an appointment. ShowroomMagnet provides that added incentive. It helped convert more of our own website visitors into sales, and turns more web traffic into foot traffic for dealerships.

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