How Dynamic Used Campaigns Impact Account Optimization

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To remain competitive in an ever-changing digital market, Naked Lime services have to continually evolve to provide the same high level of results.

Naked Lime began testing Dynamic Used Campaigns for our Digital Advertising Services as a way for dealers to more effectively move used inventory.

Dealership Need

It is a challenge for dealerships to successfully advertise and sell used vehicles because that inventory changes daily.


Dynamic Used Campaigns allow dealers to show ads for specific vehicles in stock, based on customer search matches to their actual inventory.


Initial testing produced results that varied with the size of the dealership and amount of used car inventory. There were, however, successes in each test account.

Below are two examples from dealerships who came to us with the goals of increasing used car sales and decreasing days of supply for their inventory.

Chart showing effects of Dynamic Used Campaigns for Toyota dealerhsip

This Toyota dealer showed extremely successful results from utilizing Dynamic Used Campaigns. They also came with a large selection of used cars and a large budget

Chart showing effects of Dynamic Used Campaigns for Ford dealership

Our Ford Lincoln location achieved more modest results. Their budget and used inventory were smaller, but results still show success in increasing sales while decreasing days of supply.


Initial testing proved successful. Now sold as an add on for our current Digital Advertising Core product, Naked Lime is seeing continued success for dealers across account metrics.

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