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A Chevrolet dealership had an overall poor reputation online. Low star ratings, few reviews, visibly unhappy customers, and a missing presence on important sites needed to be addressed to help boost sales.


The dealership did not have the dedicated resources to focus on their online reputation, and it was hurting their business. They were receiving hardly any Google reviews, and the ones they did receive gave them only a one-star rating. The dealership’s interactions with reviews and comments had been highly reactive, with little outreach to encourage positive reviews from happy customers.


Naked Lime’s Reputation Management team combed through the dealership’s online statistics and mentions, and reviewed current strategies to identify areas of improvement.

Emails were then sent requesting feedback from customers including a star rating, a referral score, and any additional comments the customer had regarding their vehicle purchase or service. This feedback was displayed on a web page attached to the dealership’s website.

Naked Lime calculated how many reviews were needed to reach the dealership’s goal of a four-star Google rating. The Naked Lime specialist created a custom handout for the dealership’s Sales and Service departments that encouraged customers to leave Google reviews. The specialist helped the dealership understand when and how to effectively approach customers and talk about the review process and its importance in providing a good experience to future customers.

When reviews and feedback about the dealership started coming in, personalized responses were sent directly to every customer.


Within 6 months, star ratings and number of reviews increased across social media and key review websites such as Google, Facebook, Yelp, and DealerRater. The dealership began to earn one five-star review almost every other day.

Graph showing year-over-year increase in review activity across platforms.
Graph showing year-over-year increase in dealership rating  across platforms.

While reviews are certainly important, they don’t tell the complete story of a digital reputation. The general sentiment on all online mentions of the dealership improved from 55.2% positive to 85.7% positive.

Graphs showing shift in review sentiment from year to year.


While this dealership has enjoyed great initial success, the Naked Lime Digital Reputation team will continue to move them forward. Google was the main point of emphasis through the first 6 months, but as the dealerships star-rating continues to improve, other review sites will be considered and other strategies explored.

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