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Data and Targeting

Dealership Social Marketing Recipe for Success

March 24, 2023
Creating a successful social strategy is a lot like baking a cake. And if baking (or marketing) isn’t your thing, then we've got some tips for you.
various shots within service drive
Fixed Ops Marketing

Setting Up Your Dealership’s Service Advisors and Techs for Upsell Success

October 5, 2020
Saying dealership service centers are a busy place is an understatement. The average dealership writes 18,676 repair orders a year, or 1,556 a month …
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Industry Insights

Will SEO Still Matter in 2021?

September 24, 2020
While the memes indicate that time might have lost all meaning for many of us lately, it is nevertheless the time when many businesses begin to…
Digital Advertising

Catch Your “Hot Potatoes” through Remarketing

September 17, 2020
Did you ever play hot potato as a kid? The stress of throwing that thing back and forth, PRAYING that it wouldn’t be in your hands once the music…
search engine page
Industry Insights

Joining the Ranks: Google Page Experience Update

September 1, 2020
While your web page might appear professional and appealing, evidence shows that its success depends heavily on user experience – in fact, 88 percent…
trophy with confetti

Naked Lime Wins Dealers’ Choice Award 2020

August 25, 2020
We’re all in need of some good news lately. Well, we have some! For the sixth year in a row, Naked Lime has received a Dealers’ Choice Award from the…
fixing a car
Fixed Ops Marketing

Is Your Service Reputation Sputtering? Give it a Tune-Up!

August 20, 2020
Online reviews are a lot like a multipoint inspection: just one red item means work is needed, even if everything else is green. A single bad review…

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