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Data and Targeting

Dealership Social Marketing Recipe for Success

March 24, 2023
Creating a successful social strategy is a lot like baking a cake. And if baking (or marketing) isn’t your thing, then we've got some tips for you.
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Data and Targeting Email & Direct Mail

Targeting Tactics: Successful Dealership Email Marketing

February 10, 2023
Effective targeting is the difference between an email that gets marked as spam and one that gets flagged to come back to later...
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Data and Targeting

The Value of Your Dealership's First-Party Data

February 3, 2023
Good data is accurate and actionable. In this article, we're diving into the four elements of good data that help drive better marketing results.
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Social Media Industry Insights

Say Goodbye to Facebook's Vehicle Tab

January 27, 2023
In less than a week, advertising your dealership on Facebook will look a bit different. We're here to show you the bright side- more effective ads!
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Market Strategy

Top 5 Readers’ Choice Articles of 2022

January 20, 2023
More than 500 readers enjoyed these articles throughout the past year. Now you can enjoy them too!
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A Dealer’s Checklist for a Great Trade Show Experience

January 13, 2023
Trade shows can be busy, but attending one doesn't have to be stressful. Follow these steps to help make your experience well worth the travel.
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Industry Insights

Year in Search 2022: Automotive Marketing

January 4, 2023
Google’s “Year in Search” can act as a great starting point in determining what your customers want (and how your dealership can provide it for them).

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