Bowl of trail mix with a spoon and a green background
Market Strategy

Building a High Performance Marketing ‘Mix’ for Dealerships

May 26, 2023
Think of your marketing strategy like a bag of trail mix— you need a healthy combo of these ingredients to make it great.
mail box with letter going inside
Email & Direct Mail

Capitalize on Direct Mail’s Popularity for your Dealership Marketing Post-COVID

August 19, 2021
We get it. You might be sick of reading about the impact of the pandemic on the automotive retail industry. Or anything COVID-related, really. COVID…
women holds face embarrassed behind laptop
Industry Insights

Facebook Ending Marketplace Vehicle Listings from Partner Catalogs. How Can Dealers Fill the Gap?

August 11, 2021
The world of social media marketing is fast-paced and ever-changing. Automotive retailers got a fresh reminder of that recently, when Facebook…
five faces with different colors and emotions
Servicing Your Customer

Customer Feedback is a Tool. Does Your Dealership Use It?

July 6, 2021
What do people think of your dealership? If you were to personally ask each of your customers their thoughts, chances are the response would be…
toy dinosaur with "hello my name is" tag in it's mouth
Market Strategy

Quiz: How Did These Cars and Parts Get Their Names?

June 24, 2021
What’s in a name? Would a roadster by any other name drive so sweet? Naming brands and products is one of the cornerstones of marketing. A name is…
overhead image of highway offramps
Market Strategy

Want Customers to Take the Off-Ramp to Your Site? Prioritize Your Digital Presence

June 10, 2021
By the time a prospective buyer sets foot on your dealership’s lot, chances are they’ve done a fair bit of research. In fact, according to a recent…
computer screen with analytics
Data and Targeting

Your Dealership Marketing Strategy: Efficient Machine or Gas Guzzler?

May 24, 2021
 What does the term “gas guzzler” mean to you? Think back to the mid-2000s, when fuel efficiency was not yet a real selling point and oversized SUVs…

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