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Market Strategy

Building a High Performance Marketing ‘Mix’ for Dealerships

May 26, 2023
Think of your marketing strategy like a bag of trail mix— you need a healthy combo of these ingredients to make it great.
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Market Strategy Industry Insights

A Dealer’s Transition to GA4: Preparing Now

March 3, 2023
We have some helpful information to share with you on how to make the transition from UA to GA4 smooth and positively impactful for your dealership.
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Fixed Ops Marketing

Upgrade Your Service Drive with Fixed Ops Videos

February 24, 2023
Market your fixed ops with video to gain new customers, retain current ones, and recapture the ones who haven’t been back.
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Data and Targeting Email & Direct Mail

Targeting Tactics: Successful Dealership Direct Mail

February 17, 2023
Direct mail marketing can (and should) be incredibly rewarding for your dealership! Here's a few targeting tactics to help boost your success...
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Data and Targeting Email & Direct Mail

Targeting Tactics: Successful Dealership Email Marketing

February 10, 2023
Effective targeting is the difference between an email that gets marked as spam and one that gets flagged to come back to later...
computer screen with analytics
Data and Targeting

The Value of Your Dealership's First-Party Data

February 3, 2023
Good data is accurate and actionable. In this article, we're diving into the four elements of good data that help drive better marketing results.
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Social Media Industry Insights

Say Goodbye to Facebook's Vehicle Tab

January 27, 2023
In less than a week, advertising your dealership on Facebook will look a bit different. We're here to show you the bright side- more effective ads!

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