Bowl of trail mix with a spoon and a green background
Market Strategy

Building a High Performance Marketing ‘Mix’ for Dealerships

May 26, 2023
Think of your marketing strategy like a bag of trail mix— you need a healthy combo of these ingredients to make it great.
man fawning over his car
Fixed Ops Marketing

Better with Time? What Dealers Should Know about Vehicle Age and Service Profits

November 9, 2020
Cars used to max out at about 100,000 miles, when the need for more frequent work made owners question their worth. After a while of paying costly…
small ghost with jack-o-lantern
Market Strategy

Automotive Halloween Trends that We Love in 2020

October 21, 2020
Halloween: a time to get scared, wear weird clothes, and hide heaps of candy wrappers by shoving them into the couch cushions. But did you know that…
woman overwhelmed behind laptop
Digital Advertising

What is Click Fraud and Why Should Dealers Care?

October 12, 2020
The day-to-day business of running advertising campaigns can be complicated and time-consuming. You worry if your messaging will be effective, if you…
various shots within service drive
Fixed Ops Marketing

Setting Up Your Dealership’s Service Advisors and Techs for Upsell Success

October 5, 2020
Saying dealership service centers are a busy place is an understatement. The average dealership writes 18,676 repair orders a year, or 1,556 a month …
car appearing through laptop screen on search results page
Industry Insights

Will SEO Still Matter in 2021?

September 24, 2020
While the memes indicate that time might have lost all meaning for many of us lately, it is nevertheless the time when many businesses begin to…
Digital Advertising

Catch Your “Hot Potatoes” through Remarketing

September 17, 2020
Did you ever play hot potato as a kid? The stress of throwing that thing back and forth, PRAYING that it wouldn’t be in your hands once the music…

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