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Data and Targeting Social Media

Dealership Social Marketing Recipe for Success

March 24, 2023
Creating a successful social strategy is a lot like baking a cake. And if baking (or marketing) isn’t your thing, then we've got some tips for you.
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Data and Targeting Social Media

Targeting Tactics: Successful Facebook Marketing for Dealers

March 17, 2023
Marketing your dealership on Facebook is a lot like driving car. We're sharing the strategies and essentials your dealership needs for a smooth ride.
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Social Media Industry Insights

Say Goodbye to Facebook's Vehicle Tab

January 27, 2023
In less than a week, advertising your dealership on Facebook will look a bit different. We're here to show you the bright side- more effective ads!
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Social Media

Facebook Ads- How to Target for Success

March 11, 2021
Scattered throughout the internet are online communities where thousands gather for one common interest; making fun of poorly targeted ads. These…
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Social Media

With organic posts, you reap what you sow.

March 8, 2021
In most cases, we tend to think “organic” means natural. That is also the case in social media. Organic posts are the ones that you don’t pay to…
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Social Media

Get Social! How Dealership Service Departments Can Benefit from Social Media

February 8, 2021
The constant changes and trends in social media are a lot to manage. Many dealers quickly realize it’s easy to create a page for their dealership,…

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