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Market Strategy Digital Advertising

Brand Awareness in 3 Steps

July 25, 2022
Finding new and unique ways to stand out from the competition can seem irrelevant in times of high demand, but it’s essential for ensuring…
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Digital Advertising

Is Your Dealership Optimizing for “People Also Ask” on Google?

February 18, 2021
While search engine algorithms never cease to amaze in helping connect people to information, they aren’t perfect. Much of the time, the algorithm is…
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Digital Advertising

Search Advertising for Dealer Fixed Ops Profits

January 18, 2021
Fixed operations is known for being a major profit center in the average dealership, and is responsible for maintaining loyal customer relationships…
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Digital Advertising

What is Click Fraud and Why Should Dealers Care?

October 12, 2020
The day-to-day business of running advertising campaigns can be complicated and time-consuming. You worry if your messaging will be effective, if you…
Digital Advertising

Catch Your “Hot Potatoes” through Remarketing

September 17, 2020
Did you ever play hot potato as a kid? The stress of throwing that thing back and forth, PRAYING that it wouldn’t be in your hands once the music…
cookie in front of webpage
Digital Advertising

Google’s Cookies are Going Away: Byte-Sized Updates for Dealerships

May 11, 2020
Google announced in January 2020 their plans to get rid of the third-party cookie by 2022. The immediate reaction was panic: “How are we supposed to…

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