Holiday deals and discounts for dealerships, car with a holiday bow
Market Strategy Servicing Your Customer

7 Automotive Retail Trends to Watch for This Holiday Season

November 22, 2022
‘Tis the season of big bargains, big spenders, and lots and lots of gift wrap. Here's a few things your dealership should keep in mind this season
man fawning over his car
Market Strategy

The Secret to Customer Retention

November 8, 2022
Boosting customer loyalty? These small, yet crucial details can make all the difference.
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Market Strategy

Are you Scaring Customers Away with These 4 Practices?

October 21, 2022
Once you scare off a customer, it’s extremely difficult to win them back. These 4 practices may be giving your customers the creeps...
car appearing through laptop screen on search results page
Market Strategy Data and Targeting

What Your Customers Want to Know about EVs

October 6, 2022
Add something new and insightful to all things electric...
Workday Consumers at Desk
Market Strategy Industry Insights

It’s Nice to Meet You— Marketing to a New Buyer Persona

August 9, 2022
Connecting the right person to the right car is essential to ensuring that your dealership can stay open and profitable for years to come.  The past…
Brand Awareness Megaphone
Market Strategy Digital Advertising

Brand Awareness in 3 Steps

July 25, 2022
Finding new and unique ways to stand out from the competition can seem irrelevant in times of high demand, but it’s essential for ensuring…

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