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You probably thought that once you pressed “send” on your last dealership marketing email, your job was done. But email marketing is just the beginning of an ongoing conversation between you and your car buyers.


To make customers want to continue the conversation, your message should be something that catches their interest because it is specifically directed to them. How?



Effective email communications should reach consumers on a personal level, grabbing their attention with statements that mean something to them.  Find out what your customers need, or what they are looking for, through the data they provide.


Marketers can do this by tracking consumer behaviors and purchasing trends. Knowing who is in the market to buy, what they are looking for, and how they like to shop are all keys to successful customer communications.


Personalization is not a recent phenomenon. In our hustle and bustle world, we focus on information that is relevant to us or our needs. Think of what would make you stop scrolling through your inbox to open an email and try to provide that experience.


Consider your email communications an icebreaker. Now, how will you introduce your main points and give your customers a reason to continue the conversation?


Landing Pages

A landing page is a single page created for a single purpose: converting visitors into leads. Landing pages are focused on a specific offer or action and provide your email recipients with the details they need to answer their questions. They tell your customers what you want them to do as a next step.


When you direct your digital marketing efforts to your main website, you run the risk of visitors getting lost and breaking that personal connection, much like a sporadic conversation jumping from topic to topic. In order to maintain that connection, it is important to have continuity between your email and your landing page.


When directed to a dedicated landing page, email marketing achieves a 68% higher conversion rate (OnlineDrive study). The main goal of email marketing is to obtain a click, and that click is wasted if it is not directed to a dedicated landing page.


Email marketing, on average, will yield up to 37% of your customer leads if executed correctly (OnlineDrive study).  It should be the first step in an ongoing conversation you have with your customers. It opens the door to a mutually beneficial relationship by creating a continuous dialogue and building trust.


Reference the infographic below when drafting your next email ice breaker!

Email Marketing Infographic


Get the freshest news about the automotive marketing industry.


Get the freshest news about the automotive marketing industry.