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Servicing Your Customer

If social media has reaffirmed anything, it’s that humans want to be connected and engaged.


We seek long-lasting relationships with others, and even with companies. One only has to look at the massive followings of the top brands like Google and Apple to see how a social relationship can create a deep brand loyalty.


So how can dealerships translate that social relationship into sales leads?


Answer: Facebook Lead Ads

These ads put lead forms directly on Facebook, so users don’t even have to leave their feed and go to a landing page. When submitted, they give you a customized, actionable lead delivered right to your CRM.


Through Facebook Lead Ads, you can:

  • Target the Right People. Put your advertising in front of your ideal audience. You can choose targeting options within Facebook, or upload your own customer lists. You can also practice retargeting to reach anyone who has previously visited your website.
  • Get Quality Leads. By customizing your ad, you can capture the information that is most important to your dealership. They can request a quote, configure a car, or even set up a test drive.
  • Make it Easy. You can choose to have your forms pre-filled with information from the user’s Facebook profile, so it’s less work for them to contact you.
  • Have Real Time Access. Your leads can be synced directly to your CRM, so that as soon as a lead is submitted, you can follow up immediately.


How to Get Started

Ready to cultivate some social media leads? Here are three tips to help you get started:

  • Have a Clear Call-to-Action. Facebook currently has 6 call-to-action options available when setting up a Lead Ad. Choose the one that best fits your offer:
    1. Apply Now
    2. Download
    3. Get Quote
    4. Learn More
    5. Sign Up
    6. Subscribe
  • Offer An Incentive. Sometimes you might need to give a little something extra to encourage someone to complete the form. That could be a free car wash for a service visit, discounted oil change, or raffle entry – whatever appeals to your audience.
  • Be Quick to Reply. Don’t let that lead grow stale. As soon as the lead is synced into your CRM, don’t wait to follow up.


You know social media sites influence purchase decisions. Car shoppers turn to their phones to get real-time advice and conduct research. Meet them where they are, and do it in a way that drives actionable leads.

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