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Data and Targeting

Who doesn't love a good marketing infographic?


Infographics are no longer the newest, shiniest thing in marketing, but they still have their place. So much available, measurable marketing data can be overwhelming. Breaking it into snack-sized pieces that are easy on the eyes is a good way to make sure your audience gets your message.


Allow us to share a few of our favorites:


1.) The 5 Key Auto Micro-Moments Brands Should Win

How many car shoppers will use their mobile device while on your lot? What is the top action they’re performing? Google tells you all that and more.


2.) 50 Shocking Stats About Online Reputation Management

What percentage of people said they would pay more for a service from a company with higher reviews and ratings? How much revenue is that one additional star in ratings worth? Everything you ever wanted to know about digital reputation management from Vendasta.


3.) Direct Mail vs. Email

Direct mail and email marketing each have their place in your marketing strategy. When should you use which, and why? Find out from Social Media Week.


4.) 30+ Social Media Marketing Stats for 2017

Whether you are selling social media service to a client, or you need to convince your boss that social media is important for your business, or you are the boss making the decisions, there is enough demographic data in this post by Social Media Today to prove to anyone that social is the way to reach your audience.


5.) The Top 8 SEO Trends in 2017

Just when you think you have it all figured out, SEO changes again. See what is predicted in the world of search optimization for 2017 and beyond by Business 2 Community.


6.) Use the Right Digital Advertising Strategies and Metrics for Your Campaigns

There is no digital advertising strategy that is right for everyone, but you’ll never know what is successful if you don’t know how to measure it.  This Marketing Profs flowchart has advice to picking your path and getting the results you want.


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Get the freshest news about the automotive marketing industry.


Get the freshest news about the automotive marketing industry.