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While we like to think Naked Lime is the source of all important information about the automotive industry, we can still mourn the end of an era. Started 16 years ago, Yahoo Answers has been an internet favorite for Q&A about all things mundane, philosophical – and quite often – bizarre.

Before the site is officially laid to rest on May 4th, we wanted to take a walk down memory lane and look at some of our favorite Yahoo Answers posts related to the automotive and marketing industries.


Cars & Transportation

1. This person who is onto something:





2. This flawed thought process:





3. This unsolved mystery:





4. This sea creature wannabe:


Is it OK to drive a car into the water if it's on fire? Let's say I was driving on a road and suddenly i saw smoke and flames coming from under the hood. Would it be OK to drive the car into a pond or a lake to put the fire out? (I'm assuming that water damage is cheaper to fix than fire damage) (yes i know not to drive the car into salt water. A ditch full of rainwater is best.)




5. This spark of interest:


Would I see a spark on a sparkplug? I took my sparkplug out of hte combustion chamber of my motorcycle and started it... I cant see the spark. But there is electricity going to it (i shocked myself when i touched it) so, why aren't I seeint the spark?




6. This wholesome response to a typo:


Do you cuddle in bed with your car?




7. This question we honestly want to know the answer to:


do birds intentionally poop on certain cars? my car always has bird poop on it buy my gfs doesnt. Is this on purpouse?!?!




Marketing & the Internet

8. This aspiring content creator:





9. This parent’s vacation planning:


Where is the internet located ?? And is it open to the public ? Would like to take my son to see it on vacation




10.This person that doesn’t understand ads:


why does google answer my questions ? ? it doesn't make sense? why does it do it. i'm not pating for it...




11. This edge-of-our-seat search for the truth:


What's the difference between commerical and commercial?




11. This social media dilemma:


My wife changed Facebook status from "married" to "Widowed". Should I be worried?




13. This person with infinite storage:


How do I download the internet?




14. This ambitious printer:


My printer won't print .gifs properly?




15. This not-actually-a-question:


Every day, you are exposed to numerous marketing stimuli through different media.?




Rest easy Yahoo Answers. Thanks for truly testing the adage that there is no such thing as a dumb question.


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