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You may have heard of the marketing funnel. You may even know exactly what we mean when we use terms like “high-funnel,” “awareness,” “action,” and others. But do you know what strategies and content work best to move car shoppers down that funnel?


To help marketers create impactful strategies, Google coined the term “micro-moments.” Micro-moments help us understand where customers are in the buying process based on the actions they take online.


If you struggle to generate online traffic, or notice customers bounce from your website, using micro-moments to adjust your blogs, webpages, ads, and more can help you see better results.


Test your Google micro-moments knowledge by answering the questions below!

Question #1: Which of the following is not one of the five vehicle-buyer micro-moments?

a. “Is it right for me?”
b. “Am I getting a deal?”
c. “Does it fit my lifestyle?”
d. “Where should I buy?”


Question #2: Which is an example of the “Can I afford it?” moment?

a. The customer researches a vehicle’s average MPG
b. The customer calculates monthly payments based on current interest rates
c. The customer enters their information to qualify for a military discount
d. The customer looks for dealerships near them with extended weeknight hours


Question #3: Which is the correct order of the micro-moments from top- to bottom-funnel awareness?

a. Which car is best; Is it right for me; Can I afford it; Where should I buy; Am I getting a deal
b. Where should I buy; Am I getting a deal; Can I afford it; Which car is best; Is it right for me
c. Where should I buy; Which car is best; Is it right for me; Am I getting a deal; Can I afford it
d. Am I getting a deal; Is it right for me; Where should I buy; Can I afford it; Which car is best


Question #4: What content would not be useful to a customer in the “Which car is best?” stage?

a. Model-to-model comparisons of two mid-size crossovers
b. Detailed and accurate vehicle detail pages (VDPs) on your website
c. Model-specific maintenance schedules and car-care tips
d. Customer reviews about your dealership’s sales department


Question #5: Which marketing channels can rely on micro-moments to help influence customers?

a. Videos
b. Blog Posts
c. Webpages
d. Digital Ads
e. All of the above





  1. C – “Does it fit my lifestyle?” is a question consumers may ask during the “Is it right for me?” stage of the buying process, but it isn’t one of the five moments.
  2. B – Today’s customer is more likely to consider monthly payments rather than the total cost of a vehicle when they decide what is affordable.
    Did you pick C? Google qualifies rebates and incentives as “Am I getting a deal?” moments because the customer in this stage is typically deciding whether to give a specific dealership their business.
  3. A – Customers will begin their search by researching vehicle that serve their needs, then consider detailed costs, before they consider where to buy it.
  4. D – Customer reviews about your dealership matter to shoppers, but not until the “Where should I buy?” stage. Creating content with specific models and common searches in mind will help you stand out to your potential customers throughout their journey.
  5. E – Videos, blog posts, web pages, digital ads, and other channels work best when they are constantly adjusted to meet customer needs. Anywhere your customers spend their time looking for information, you should be there to help answer them.


Learning how to change your strategy to align with consumer buying behaviors is hard. To make it easier, take a step back the next time you go online to buy something. Consider what sites you turn to for information, how many options and providers you compare, and what content motivates you to purchase.


You can also review your website and blog analytics, research search trends, and check out industry reports to get a better understanding of what consumers want to see online. Working with a data marketing partner also gets you access to more data and strategies which help you adjust faster and more accurately as trends change.

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