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Snapchat is fast becoming one of the most popular apps in the world with an average of 178 million daily users. This puts it not far behind Instagram and Twitter, with 200 million and 284 million average daily users, respectively.


How could Snapchat possibly fit into your dealership marketing strategy? And why should it?


In late 2016, Snapchat introduced Geofilters, which, for a small fee, allows anyone to create a custom design to overlay a Snap whenever they are within a specified area.


Say you’re really excited about the best taco you’ve ever eaten and decide to send a Snap to your bestie. You pull up the app, take the photo of you and your new favorite taco, and swipe to see the filters available. Lo and behold, through Snapchat magic, a Business Geofilter for the very restaurant you’re sitting in appears, festive with a cartoon taco and confetti and the restaurant’s logo in the corner.


The perfect filter. Selected and sent.


Building off that local targeting feature, Snapchat has recently unveiled a new feature for their sponsored lenses and filters.


Context Cards

Context Cards appear when a Snap is tagged within the area designated with your Geofilter, or when any Snap has been submitted to the public “Our Story” feed. They feature information similar to your Google My Business page. A “more” option will appear at the bottom of the Snap and, when pulled up, displays information pulled from local and external sources, such as:

  1. A link to your website
  2. A map with distance and directions to your dealership
  3. Dealership hours and phone number
  4. Customer reviews


Dealership Impact

You may not be ready to begin Snapping, and that’s okay. But consider these statistics:

  1. More than 80% of U.S. Snapchat users of driving age have a driver’s license
  2. 43% of Snapchatters are currently in the “auto decision journey”
  3. Nearly 10% of Snapchatters plan to buy an automobile in the next year


Ten percent. That means, out of the 178 million daily users, there are nearly 18 million opportunities waiting for you.


Don’t let them pass you by.


Our SEO and reputation experts and services can help you optimize your reviews and local listings to get your Context Card in top shape. Call 855.653.5463 or email to learn more.

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