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By helping dealers identify how marketing dollars could best be allocated, choose the best marketing partner, and learn how to inspire loyalty and create repeat buyers, Naked Lime used 2017 to demonstrate our ongoing commitment to long-term dealership success.


“At Naked Lime, we’re focused on providing dealers with the industry expertise and the vision to help delight car buyers every step of the way,” said Chris Walsh, vice president at Naked Lime. “These whitepapers reaffirm that focus and mission. They are designed to help educate and guide dealers toward marketing decisions that will benefit their operations and their customers and position them for long-term success.”


About the Whitepapers:

The 4 Dealership Laws of Attraction: Inspiring Loyalty and Creating Repeat Buyers

Today’s dealership customers are perhaps less loyal than at any point in the industry’s history – and they owe dealers nothing. To earn repeat business by meeting increased expectations, dealers must adhere to the four dealership laws of attraction: protecting the dealership’s reputation, having a clear strategy for social media in place, leveraging programmatic display advertising, and implementing event-based targeted marketing in the Service department.


Picking a Winner: The Smart Dealer’s Guide to Choosing a Marketing Partner

Finding a trusted marketing partner is difficult, but the service they can provide to a dealership is invaluable. Naked Lime’s guide to choosing a vendor partner makes the process easier by zeroing in on what characteristics dealers should be on the lookout for – and what to avoid.


A Multi-Channel Foundation: Identifying the Key Areas for Your Marketing Dollars and Executing a Comprehensive Strategy

A common dilemma facing marketers today is: How do I develop and execute a comprehensive strategy that utilizes the right channels in the right combination to reach the right customers at the right time? Naked Lime identifies the core elements of a multi-channel foundation for a digital strategy: a website that serves as a virtual showroom, targeted ad campaigns including programmatic display and video, targeting capabilities within social media platforms, and email and content marketing.


For further exploration of any of those topics, or to find out how to put them into action at your dealership, call 855.NKD.LIME or email info@nakedlime.com.

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