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Fixed Ops Marketing

In this series, we’ve talked about customer expectations, transparency, and performance. In our final installment, let’s talk about market strategy: beating your competition and maintaining service advertising.


Measure your tread

Know where you stand in the market. Consider your competitors—whether they’re dealerships, independent shops, or franchise service centers—and learn about their promotions, read their reviews, and monitor your market share.


Again, transparency and convenience are some of the top concerns customers have about service. Be realistic about your own value compared to others in your market and play to your strengths. Do you have curtesy vehicles available for certain services? Flexible drop-off and pick-up options? Other benefits which set you apart? Advertise those services so customers associate your dealership with a great experience.


Use the knowledge of your competitors and your customers to shape your marketing around more than price or expertise – sell customers on overall value.


Establish regular maintenance intervals

For many fixed ops departments, their marketing strategy has been neglected because of a lack of expertise or a prioritization of sales advertising. Advertising new vehicles is important, but fixed ops must have a place in the marketing budget and strategy as well. Customers have to service their vehicle regularly, so there’s a constant demand for service. Why not direct that demand to your dealership?


Do your research. Speak with your leadership about dealership-wide and sales strategies for ideas in service. Determine a reasonable budget, and be willing to try new marketing methods to appeal to different audiences. If you’re still struggling to set up a cohesive strategy, or you’re failing to see a return on your investments, consult a marketing specialist with service marketing experience.


Ready to put your current strategy to the test? Take our fixed ops marketing quiz or find out common mistakes and solutions.

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