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Digital Advertising

If there’s one thing we can all agree on about digital advertising, it’s that you have to embrace change to be successful.


As technology speeds forward and your options for marketing channels multiply, the best approach is one that’s quick to adapt.


If you’ve ever been online, you’ve seen traditional static display ads. They’ve been around for over 20 years and, in many ways, laid the groundwork for much of the digital marketing strategy we have now.


But in a digital landscape increasingly dominated by video and content-driven messaging customized for local audiences, traditional search ads can fade into the background. That’s a problem for dealers, who need ways to get their inventory in front of online shoppers.


How do you solve the problem? Cut out the static.


Programmatic Display Ads

You can go above and beyond the traditional static ad format by featuring multiple inventory units in one ad. Programmatic display ads send each click to a specific vehicle detail page for a car actually for sale on your lot.


With this heightened level of interactivity and convenience for shoppers, dynamically generated ads of immediately available inventory are much more successful at converting traffic than their traditional counterparts.


Put yourself in the shoes of the motivated buyer: if you see the car you want, and that it’s available at a local dealership, there’s a good chance you will click. You are one step closer to become that dealer’s customer, not just another anonymous shopper.


The key that sets programmatic display ads apart from traditional static ads is that you’re showing the most relevant inventory you have to specific audiences. All the additional information they may want (mileage and specs, payment options, etc.) is just a click away.


Play on the strength of your diverse inventory offerings by bringing the showroom straight to the consumer’s screen before they even visit your website.


You don’t lose any of the reach you enjoyed with traditional static ads, either. While most display advertising runs on the Google Display Network (GDN), programmatic display ads harness the GDN and six other networks, putting you in front of over 90% of your target audience.


Who doesn’t want that?


To learn more about the ever-changing digital advertising realm, talk one of our consultants at 855.NKD.LIME or email info@nakedlime.com.

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