"Naked Lime has provided us with a full spectrum of marketing options to reach out to each customer."

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Dear Naked Lime,

We started working with Naked Lime to do direct mail campaigns specifically targeting customers who declined service recommendations. They used a fantastic looking piece of registered mail to reach these customers. Our service manager has been receiving a lot of positive feedback - people thanking him for the reminder and even apologizing for not coming in to get the work done earlier.

We’re not in the business of selling air. When we recommend work, it’s because we have awesome techs, awesome advisors, and we want what is best for our customers. We want to push the idea to customers that a car is a significant asset, they are invested in it, and we want them to easily maintain that value. Naked Lime has a fully-baked process where we can accomplish this automatically.

Our customer database is the most valuable asset of our store. Combining our data and theirs, Naked Lime knows what we should do to make sure our customers get the most out of their cars. They show us open and closed opportunities, recurring customers, and even customers that we have not seen in three or four years. Naked Lime has provided us a full spectrum of marketing options to reach out to each customer, whether it be through direct mail or email service reminders.



We want communication directed to customers to be tangible, have value behind it, and provide them an opportunity to come in and have a great experience. Naked Lime is able to wrap their arms around all of that without any issue.


John Keohane,

Vice President of Operations
Temecula Valley Buick GMC

Temecula, CA



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