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Halloween: a time to get scared, wear weird clothes, and hide heaps of candy wrappers by shoving them into the couch cushions.


But did you know that Halloween is also a time to win over customers? For the third year in a row, Halloween has been titled the favorite holiday among Millennials. They are going to notice how you chose to celebrate. Since many traditional options are off the table this year, new trends are emerging. Here are a few of our favorites:


1. Haunted Car Washes

While haunted car washes aren’t a new concept, they have boomed in the age of COVID. They provide the perfect way for thrill seekers to get their fix while never leaving the safety of their (now very clean) cars.


One car wash in Ohio has gone all out after having a successful run in 2019. The Rainforest Car Wash only runs their haunted car wash for a couple weekends a year and those interested in can preorder tickets for $20; which includes the carwash and a bag full of goodies.


Image Source: Rainforest Car Wash Facebook



2. Costumes for Cars

Chances are your dealership has some inventory that you like to show off to passing traffic. Why not catch more attention by dressing them up for the season. We have seen a wide array of car costumes this year: animals, famous movie cars, pumpkins, ghosts, spider webs, and fake fangs.


Image Source: Butler Auto Group


Depending on the ordinances in your state, you can even host a “Trunk or Treat” with your dressed-up vehicles. Since so many kids are going to miss traditional trick-or-treating this year, offering a socially distanced alternative could win your dealership some loyal fans.


Best practices to a safe trunk-or-treat event:

  • Have attendees sign up for a specific time slot in advance
  • Skip the bowls of candy so trick-or-treaters aren’t reaching into the same bowl. Opt to have each treat spread out on a table in front of the trunks instead.
  • Give everyone a squirt of hand sanitizer and offer masks before they make their rounds.
  • Consider a “drive through” trunk-or-treat where each stop brings treats to visitor’s vehicles.



3. Bone-Chilling Social Contest

Like most of 2020, many businesses are opting to celebrate virtually this Halloween. One of the easiest and most interactive ways to do this is through contests on social media. Offer a wicked-cool prize and prompt your followers to share with their friends and family so they can participate too. This is a great way to get your dealership’s name in front of a lot of people.




Here are some of our favorite contest ideas:

  • Pumpkin carving: With so much time on our hands, people are searching for creative outlets. Give them an opportunity to show off their handiwork on your page.
  • Costume contest: Create multiple categories so there is something for everyone. Stand out from the rest with contests like “best last minute costume”, “best pet costume” and “best costume made entirely from things at home”
  • Scary story telling: Let your followers reminisce about their old summer camp days by sharing their go-to scary stories. Let other readers vote by “Liking” stories posted in the comment section of your post. The story with the most Likes wins a prize.
  • Murder mystery: Create and share your own mystery scenario and provide clues throughout your social posts. Whoever solves the mystery, gets a prize.


No matter how you decide to celebrate Halloween this year, we hope it’s a success! Share your Halloween marketing with us on Facebook.


Get the freshest news about the automotive marketing industry.


Get the freshest news about the automotive marketing industry.