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Servicing Your Customer

Content marketing was never meant to directly sell a product. For dealerships, it’s a way to establish strong relationships with your target audience, whether that’s car shoppers or car owners.


They get to know you through content that tells the story of your brand: who you are, what you do, and why you do it.


While it might not send cars flying off the lot on its own, your content can directly impact your customer’s overall experience. It can set you apart from the competition and be the reason they choose you. You become a trusted source for answers to their questions and solutions to their problems.


Shape your content for success with these five actions in mind:



Word of mouth is a powerful advertising tool that has gained strength as social sharing on digital platforms has grown.


Create content that is easy to share. Have online conversations with car shoppers and owners about their interests and issues. Design your content to be relevant to their needs and what is important to them.


The more your content is shared, the more exposure you will gain and the more relationships you can build.



The right formatting, visuals, and relevant key words are critical to attracting and keeping visitors. Make it easy for them to browse your content without working too hard for information or answers.


Once you have eyes on your content you can drive traffic to your landing pages for more information. Design your posts to keep people on your site and set links to open in a new window, rather than directing people away from the page.



Digital research has become an essential part of the car-buying process, so dealers have to be there for shoppers every step of the way.

Help them with information about the industry, your dealership, and your products that will make their experience easier.


With the right content, you can answer shoppers’ questions before they ask, solidifying your brand in their minds as their one source for answers.



Visuals and videos can provide people with information in the format they want. But, in order for that content to inspire action, it must be timely, useful, and genuine.

People are inspired by those who share their interests and are enthusiastic about the same topics.


There are many ways to inspire people – supporting your community, sharing expert knowledge, showing customer appreciation – that will keep the attention of customers throughout the buying cycle. When they are ready to purchase or want more information, you’ll be their first thought.


Develop Trust

The goal of content marketing is to create a relationship with your target audience. And the best relationships are built on trust.


Humans want to deal with other humans. Use your content to humanize your brand. Be consistent and transparent and demonstrate to car shoppers and owners that you recognize their needs.


Your dealership’s content should tell a story. Let people know who you are, what you can provide for them, and why you are their number one choice.

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