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Servicing Your Customer

No dealer wants to hear that one of their customers had a bad experience. Like dealerships, we would all rather have every customer be 100% satisfied – and promise future business!


Unfortunately, that’s not reality. There will always be a customer who is less than happy with their service. And there will always be room for improvement.


The problem is, we often don't know we've lost a customer until it's too late to get them back.


Here are three strategies to turn customer experience into a dealership asset.


1. Ask Them

Surveys are still the best, and most accurate, way to measure your customer’s satisfaction. The key to a successful survey is to keep it brief and relevant to them. Don’t forget to add a comment section at the end so they can elaborate on any dissatisfaction or leave a glowing review of their experience!


When and where do you push a survey? An easy way to ask for survey feedback without seeming pushy is to slip it into a follow-up email or text as a hyperlink. Say your customer came in to the Service Department this morning – follow up with them in the afternoon thanking them for stopping in and ask if they would answer 2-3 questions regarding their service.


2. Listen Socially

Social media is an invaluable forum for feedback and can be very fruitful, if handled correctly. Use reviews and comments to gauge where your service could be improved, where customers are dissatisfied, and where they are satisfied.


Having a social media presence can start a conversation with your customers. Your interactions with customers on social media is a public forum for feedback; everyone can see how well you handle both good and bad reviews, as well as how you take into consideration each individual customer’s need.


3. Check their browsing habits

Where are your visitors spending the most time on your website? Is there a page that has a high bounce rate? Use your website’s analytics to tell you what your customers aren’t.


Asking for feedback may seem like common sense, but implementing the strategy is where it all often falls apart. By consistently listening and improving, your business will get better, which will lead to happier customers, which leads to better sales.


We like the sound of that.


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Get the freshest news about the automotive marketing industry.


Get the freshest news about the automotive marketing industry.