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Gain insight into the automotive industry and learn what you need to do to stay ahead.

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Facebook: The Automotive Marketing of Tomorrow!

The future of selling cars is through personalization, and for that, Facebook reigns supreme. Discover everything you need to know about advertising effectively on the social media giant's platform with our free eBook.

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Facebook Advertising Quick Reference Guide

It’s more important than ever to use clean, segmented, first party data for social targeting success. As an agency level Facebook Partner, Naked Lime knows exactly how to use your data to reach the right audiences.

Case Studies

Gain insight into the automotive industry and learn what you need to do to stay ahead.

Would You Sell to Matt? Using Predictive Analytics to Recognize Sales Opportunities

You can identify highly likely buyers within your own dealership database with predictive analytics. Approach them during service visits and capture the sale.

1 Strategy to Increase Service Profits

Your service drive is also a sales floor for repairs. For customers that decline recommendations, automatically follow-up with them to capture additional profit.

Naked Lime Marketing Announces Facebook Partnership for Automotive Inventory Advertising

Naked Lime’s automated vehicle inventory feed delivers data directly to Facebook

Naked Lime Whitepapers and E-books Deliver Dealer Insights, Cap Off an Eventful 2019

Year that saw launch of multiple new tools and services to help dealers excel in their digital marketing in the midst of continued industry change

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