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Gain insight into the automotive industry and learn what you need to do to stay ahead.

Naked Lime Marketing Automotive Brand Retention and Defection Report: Understanding Your Opportunities for Conquest 2023

2023 Brand Retention and Defection Report

Use real transactional data from 2022 to understand retention and defection rates by manufacturer, and identify conquest opportunities for your dealership.

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Naked Lime's Survival Guide

For Finding and Keeping Dealership Customers

The world of automotive marketing is wild and unpredictable that's why we've created this guide. Use it to develop a strategy that puts your dealership miles ahead.


Case Studies

Gain insight into the automotive industry and learn what you need to do to stay ahead.

TM for Advanced Service Follow up

Closing the Gap in Service: Boosting Customer Loyalty and Employee Efficiency, Automatically

Find out how Naked Lime's Targeted Marketing for Advanced Service increased one dealership's gross profits by $25,000 in just one quarter.

Social media digital advertising

Dealership Success with Automated Inventory Ads on Facebook

Read what happened when Cronic CDJR advertised their real-time inventory to social media audiences using Automotive Inventory Ads on Facebook. 

Naked Lime Expert Set to Speak on Panel at DMSC

Dealers can learn new uses of technology to improve communication cadence, marketing outcomes, and ultimately sales effectiveness.

Naked Lime Set to Attend Digital Dealer in Tampa

Naked Lime is coming to Digital Dealer in Tampa with fresh new insights on what makes a successful marketing strategy for dealerships.

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