Blending art and science

That’s the Volkswagen design philosophy, and we carry it over to your marketing strategy.

Naked Lime studies your dealership, your market, and your customers to understand your business. Then our team of analysts, certified specialists, and designers creates and executes your personalized strategy across co-op eligible marketing channels.

Email Marketing


Implement a customized and effective email marketing approach for your dealership to drive sales, increase service traffic, and capture new business.

Email marketing has an average ROI of 3,800 percent. For every dollar invested, the average return is $38.



  • Update customer data regularly through email appending and VIN title transfer to ensure you are working with the cleanest data possible.
  • Segment and refine your data so you send resonating messages to your customers about their specific vehicle needs.
  • Analyze previous results and customer data to create the perfect message for each customer segment.
  • Create a follow-up plan for customer segments, determining the best offers and frequency to get the highest response.
  • Design custom pieces for each dealership, while complying with OEM guidelines and Federal advertising regulations.
  • Test emails in every platform before sending, so you can be confident your messages are being delivered to your customers with any email provider, browser, or device.
example Volkswagen dealership email

Direct Mail Marketing


Deliver offers that have weight, substance and dimension. Customers holding mail in their hands provides emotional impact and increases their recollection and interactions. But that’s only when the right offer is sent to the right customer, using reliable data.

Direct mail’s response rates are 10 to 30 times higher than that of digital communications.

Direct Marketing Association


  • Operate on the same intelligent marketing engine as our email platform.
  • Use transactional data from your DMS, with verified and appended household data from Polk, USPS, and more.
  • Reduce invalid or duplicate addresses, allowing you to send fewer pieces of direct mail, with better results.
example Volkswagen dealership direct mail piece

Social Media Management


Build connections between dealerships and customers. When they are ready to buy or service, they feel like they’re going to a trusted friend with their business.

84% of all automotive shoppers are on Facebook and 24% used Facebook as a resource for purchasing their last vehicle.

CMO Council report


  • Drive traffic to your website with posts covering local interest, dealership events, special promotions, and informative or entertaining blog or video content.
  • Manage your dealership’s preferred social sites, including regularly updated custom profile graphics.
  • Stake your claim on social networks by securing and optimizing profiles for your dealership on other top social sites.
  • Boost the power of your other marketing channels with customized, coordinated campaign assets.
  • Effectively engage your audience with unique, dealer-specific content, appropriate to each social network.
  • Stay in touch with regular posts featuring your dealership, your local area, and your OEM content.
  • Respond professionally to social media interactions, nurturing customer relationships and providing a positive first impression to first-time viewers.
social media sites mobile and laptop

Reputation Management


Your online reputation alone may not sell you cars, but it can absolutely UN-sell them. The right management processes and tools can protect your image and attract more customers.

85% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

BrightLocal consumer survey


  • Scour the entire web (not just select sites) for reviews, comments, and mentions of your dealership, so you always know what they say and where they say it.
  • Provide detailed notifications of negative reviews so you can investigate each situation and take the best course of action.
  • Direct customers to leave valuable feedback on your selected review sites with custom point-of-sale materials for your dealership.
  • Make the online review process easy with digital buttons created for dealership email signatures, email campaigns, and on your website.
  • Give customers an opportunity to provide direct, private feedback through follow-up email surveys that keep the interaction offline.
  • Increase loyalty with a professional response system that assists with resolving problems and saving customer relationships.
  • View a complete picture of your customer interactions using the built-in relationship with customer profiles in Reynolds Contact Management.
  • Leverage the power of major website reviews by pulling your dealership reviews from into your dashboard and pushing to your website.
angry customer on phone

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