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Jaguar promises performance and luxury driven by an understanding of life. That understanding should also apply to your dealership marketing.

Naked Lime studies your dealership, your market, and your customers to understand your business. Then we craft and execute a strategy to reach and inspire your customers in the most effective ways.

Search and Display Advertising


Google-certified specialists know all the latest advertising products, strategies, and search trends. They’ll make the most of your dealership’s budget and drive actionable sales leads.

Paid Search increases click-through rate by 65% and leads by 30%.

Dealer case study


  • Earn better-qualified leads with compelling search ads served to people who are actively seeking information.
  • Grab consumer attention with images, animation, or video promoting your dealership through Display Advertising.
  • Pay special attention to consumers who have already shown interest by visiting your dealership’s website through remarketing campaigns.
  • Execute strategic campaigns targeted by keyword, location, time and day, network, device, ad position, and more.
  • Drive superior results with dealer-specific campaigns with customized landing pages.
  • Eliminate guesswork by using continuous ad testing to achieve fine-tuned performance.
  • Take advantage of the latest platform features and updates to drive your business.
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Inventory Display Advertising


Use machine-learning and real-time bidding for effective online display and mobile campaigns that reach the car shoppers most likely to buy.

Inventory Display Advertising increased Vehicle Detail Page interactions by 33%.

Dealer case study


  • Speak to shoppers before they even begin to search for a dealership or your inventory.
  • Use online consumer behavior and search intent data to find new in-market shoppers.
  • Place in-image ads on premium websites on or off the Google Display Network, reaching a wider audience than traditional display advertising.
  • Advertise exactly what is on your lot with real-time updated new and used inventory.
  • Recommend a carousel of vehicles similar to those customers have previously interacted with.
  • Drive shoppers directly to your Vehicle Detail Pages.
  • React faster to changes and continually self-improve with live bid adjustment and inventory data.
online advertising on phone and laptop

Dynamic Search Advertising


Overcome the struggle of advertising rotating used car inventory. Match each car to the right buyer — all the way to make, model, year, price, and mileage levels — in real time.

Dynamic Search Ads decreased days on lot by 511% and increased used units sold by 354%.

Dealer case study


  • Produce unique search ads for each used vehicle on your lot.
  • Allocate budget to the segments of your inventory that drive the most profit and need the most advertising.
  • Generate ads specifically based on what each shopper searches.
  • Make exact matches to your vehicle inventory with same-day stock updates.
  • Expand the impressions of your inventory with detailed, vehicle-specific search ads.
  • Drive shoppers directly to your Vehicle Detail Pages for quick action.
vehicle search result

Social Media Advertising


If you want people to see your dealership and your offers, go where people spend their time. The average person spends two hours and 27 minutes on social media each day.

The average conversion rate for Facebook ads is 9.21%.

Wordstream study


  • Advertise on social media specifically to your existing customers through custom contact lists.
  • Reinforce your message on social media by targeting your website visitors with social ads for vehicles and services they already researched.
  • Reach beyond your own audience and grow new business by using social insights to target people with similar interests and behaviors.
  • Drive specific actions with lead generation ads that feature customizable forms that pre-populate shopper information and sync the lead directly with your CRM.
  • Move inventory by highlighting a “Car of the Week,” low price point, or other vehicle-specific messaging using innovative ad formats like videos, slideshows, carousels, collections, and more.
  • Use the power of personal influence and spread your brand recognition by letting users see when their friends interact with your dealership.
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Video Advertising


Online video has become a natural part of the web browsing experience. Video ads offer dealerships an opportunity to quickly catch shopper attention, visually pull them into the buying journey, and hold their interest with helpful, entertaining content.

Users watched over 1 billion hours of video content every day in 2017.

YouTube report


  • Engage customers through video ads with demonstrations, product information, special offers, or entertaining content that connects them with your brand.
  • Plays your videos to specifically-targeted audiences in paid search results, on the display network, or in related content videos on YouTube.
video ad on laptop

Email Marketing


Implement a customized and effective email marketing approach for your dealership to drive sales, increase service traffic, and capture new business.

Email marketing has an average ROI of 3,800 percent. For every dollar invested, the average return is $38.



  • Update customer data regularly through email appending and VIN title transfer to ensure you are working with the cleanest data possible.
  • Segment and refine your data so you send resonating messages to your customers about their specific vehicle needs.
  • Analyze previous results and customer data to create the perfect message for each customer segment.
  • Create a follow-up plan for customer segments, determining the best offers and frequency to get the highest response.
  • Design custom pieces for each dealership, while complying with OEM guidelines and Federal advertising regulations.
  • Test emails in every platform before sending, so you can be confident your messages are being delivered to your customers with any email provider, browser, or device.
Sample email from Naked Lime Motors

Direct Mail Marketing


Deliver offers that have weight, substance and dimension. Customers holding mail in their hands provides emotional impact and increases their recollection and interactions. But that’s only when the right offer is sent to the right customer, using reliable data.

Direct mail’s response rates are 10 to 30 times higher than that of digital communications.

Direct Marketing Association


  • Operate on the same intelligent marketing engine as our email platform.
  • Use transactional data from your DMS, with verified and appended household data from Polk, USPS, and more.
  • Reduce invalid or duplicate addresses, allowing you to send fewer pieces of direct mail, with better results.
Jaguar Direct Mail Example



Through a mix of general interest articles, service promotions, and sales promotions, your dealership’s newsletter content provides something for each of your customers and prospects — regardless of where they are in the sales cycle.

Average conversion rates are six times higher for brands using content marketing than those that aren’t.

Aberdeen Group


  • Research the automotive industry and consumer trends, giving your readers the most relevant content possible each month.
  • Include timely offers designed to generate customer retail action.
  • Track newsletter views and clicks, showing your most popular articles and promotions.
  • Recommend articles and specials based on past newsletter performance and dealership goals.
  • Identify engaged customers and prospects and send immediate alerts for sales and service follow-up.
  • Align your content messaging with other channels, using reader behavior to guide your strategy.
Example dealership newsletter

Equity Mining


XtreamService turns more service customers into new-car buyers using demographic, behavioral, and transactional data and equity mining technology.

“Before XtreamService, it was not uncommon for units to reach 100 days on the lot. Now our oldest is 45 days.”

Customer testimonial


  • Use your DMS transaction data to consider equity position, loan or lease term, and all OEM and other incentives and offers for each prospective lead.
  • Analyze up to 500 other demographic, socioeconomic, and behavioral data points for each customer to understand their unique position.
  • Generate over 75 possible lead scenarios for every customer based on collected data.
  • Output scenarios to a trained marketing specialist who selects the best deal based on dealership parameters, OEM incentives and rebates, and that customer’s identified likelihood to purchase.
  • Create custom offers and deliver them in advance of service appointments, so you always have a steady stream of leads waiting.
  • Notify dealers about good prospects within minutes of an opened walk-in RO, so you can present an upgrade offer while the customer is still in the service drive.
  • Offer a dedicated specialist to manage targeted outbound marketing campaigns.
Customer profile and new deal offer

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