Improve retention, acquire inventory, and increase profits.

Your DMS* activity helps bring together your sales, service, and marketing teams to capitalize on your best source of repeat business - your current customers.

XtreamService Equity Mining


Acquire quality used inventory from your current service customers by using demographic, behavioral, and transactional data to identify trade-in opportunities.

"Being able to find new profit opportunities in the dealership and new ways to communicate with our customers will help us keep up. XtreamService makes it very, very easy for us to do that."

Turnpike Chevrolet


  • Uses your DMS transaction data to consider equity position, loan or lease term, and all OEM and other incentives and offers for each prospective lead.
  • Analyzes up to 500 other demographic, socioeconomic, and behavioral data points for each customer to understand their unique position.
  • Generates over 75 possible lead scenarios for every customer based on collected data.
  • Outputs scenarios to a trained marketing specialist, who selects the best deal based on dealership parameters, OEM incentives and rebates, and that customer’s identified likelihood to purchase.
  • Creates custom offers and delivers them in advance of service appointments, so you always have a steady stream of leads waiting.
  • Notifies you about good prospects within minutes of an opened walk-in R.O., so you can present an upgrade offer while the customer is still in the service drive.
  • Offers a dedicated specialist to manage targeted outbound marketing campaigns.

* Available to Reynolds and Reynolds DMS customers.

Customer profile and new deal offer

What You Get

Everything you need to disrupt the customer buying cycle and increase sales profits.

Included in Service

Lead Generating Service
Uses existing DMS transaction data and up to 500 additional demographic data points
Targets customers in a good position to upgrade their vehicle
Dedicated Marketing Specialist provides steady stream of qualified leads
Identifies customers coming through service lane
Searches database for customers who are not servicing their vehicles at the dealership
Dealership Dashboard—central location to view and print leads
Checks each VIN against vehicle registration data to verify ownership
Service Lane Leads
Identifies customers with service appointments who are in a good position to upgrade
Notifies salesperson of service appointment and walk-in arrivals
Live Service Events (real-time proposals for service walk-ins and same day service appointments that are considered Xtreamly Hot Leads will be sent within 3 minutes of the RO being opened)
Campaign Lead Types
OEM incentives (rebates, APR, lease)
Trim upgrade
Lease pull ahead
Stair-step programs
Overstocked new inventory
Under stocked pre-owned inventory
Seasonal vehicles
Major model redesigns
Rate reduction
New/pre-owned specific aging units
Service contract
Complete Deal Information
Customer’s contact information
Service appointment information
Customer historical information
Current Vehicle information
Current Deal Structure
Previous Salesperson, Financial Institution & Gross
Estimated Book Value, Trade and Payoff
Service Contract information
Proposed Vehicle information
Proposed Deal structure including manufacturer incentives
Proposed Deal Parameters including rebates
Payment Variance between current monthly payment and estimated proposed monthly payment
Outbound Marketing
Targeted sales emails, personalized for each scenario
Dealership-branded marketing materials
Send targeted offer to customer before they come in for service appointment
Send targeted offer to every lead sent with a valid email address
Dealer Training
2-day on-site consultant visit during launch
Training for dealership staff in sales approach tactics
On-site performance booster consultation available
Scripts for phone selling
Scripts for selling in service drive
Continuous Best Practice advice from your dedicated Marketing Specialist
Product Integrations
Reynolds Focus
Non-Reynolds, RCI Certified CRM’s

Pieces to help take your service to the next level.

Add-on Options

Direct Mail
Targeted direct mail, personalized for each scenario
Dealership branded
Pricing varies by quantity mailed

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