Targeted Marketing Animation

In a competitive dealership landscape, how do you stand out as THE ONE?

Dealerships can struggle to find the right customers and prospects to target with promotions.

Often, they blast general messages out to their entire database, then get frustrated when they don’t see a return.

Consider this:

Over 40 percent of your customers’ emails are wrong or missing entirely from your system.

And 30 percent of your customers no longer own the vehicle your records say they do.

Incorrect information in your DMS means consumers will never even see your message, let alone act on it.

But when you partner with Naked Lime to clean up your data, your dealership isn’t wasting time and money—or risking CSI points—with mis-targeted marketing.

Our intelligent marketing database uses your DMS data, combined with market demographics, updated customer information, vehicle registrations, and a ton of other data we’ve collected about consumer behaviors.

Then we use your customers’ service and sales history, as well as behavioral trends, and group them together into similar buying profiles.

We don’t stop after we clean up your data, like third-party data providers do.

We work with you to create a multi-channel strategy and custom campaigns based on data, putting an end to the generic, blanket approach.

So what does it look like in action?

Sarah has missed her last six service intervals, meaning she’s likely switched over to a chain or independent shop. Let’s send her an email for a discounted oil change and follow up on social media to get her back into your dealership.

Dave bought a crossover from you six years ago, and again three years later. But based on his age, income, and recent purchase behaviors, he’ll likely upgrade to a full size SUV. Send him a personalized letter and email with SUV promotions to keep his business for years to come.

Cleaning out inaccurate data helps our dealerships improve their messaging, targeting, and deliverability.

Imagine how accurate, actionable data could improve your dealership traffic.

The name of the game is RELEVANCY. Without it, customers ignore you and your messages. With it, your dealership is a powerhouse of data-inspired content that motivates your customers to engage and take action.