Getting the Juice

Everyone talks about using data in their marketing. But what does that really mean, and why does it really matter?




Let's imagine that your dealership is this juice bar.


And these are your dealership data




You have a LOT of data So much, juicy, tasty data


And you’ve done your best to make it the star ingredient of your marketing. There was no lack of trying, and you’ve squeezed your little heart out. But are you getting the results you want from your current tools and processes?




I’ll get the mop


Is the juice worth the squeeze?




So how do you juice your data for effective marketing you might ask? Well-first we need to sort out the bad apples.




we don’t have apples


What? Fine, first we sort out the lemons.




Dealerships have a lot of bad data in their systems. Sometimes information gets fat fingered when being entered. Sometimes people give you bad email address, or they now have a different car than what you have on file. Sometimes they move in with their new girlfriend in Milwaukee and …..stop returning you calls…. and change their phone number….even though you …..promised you could change…..that you would change……




Life happens people! But that doesn’t mean you need to hold onto bad data.




Once your dealership data is clean, you can use it for targeting. We’ll combine it with our first-party demographic data to find shoppers most likely to align with your brand and respond to your messages.




Let’s say you’re running a special on your newest SUV.


You’d probably be tempted to try and sell to someone like Flynn- he did by his last SUV from you after all. But Flynn now lives and works in the city and he no longer drives much anyway. This special isn’t right for him. He’ll be happier with something else.


Ava here also bought her last car from you- a cute little compact right after college. Based only on what you know, you probably wouldn’t try to upgrade her into an SUV. But by comparing her to other shoppers like her, you’d see that Ava is now all grown up, and her car needs to grow too.




Now that we know who you should be targeting, we need to figure out what will catch their attention. For this we need to analyze their buying habits with our shopper data, which lets us know what will motivate them to take action.


Why serve everyone the same message when you can customize to their tastes?


You can predict what they’ll like and offer it in the most tempting way that you know they can’t resist.




Everyone buys and consumes differently. Your marketing should use the best ingredients to serve up messaging to each customer.




It’s a lot of work, but you don’t have to do it alone.


Work with a team of experts who know how to get the most juice out of your data and more customers into your dealership.