Predictive Data Analysis

People in negative equity still buy cars. XtreamService digs deeper into each customer’s profile. It considers their transactional, behavioral, and demographic characteristics to find customers likely to buy regardless of — or in spite of — their equity position.

How it works:

  • Analyzes up to 500 data points for each customer to understand their unique position.
  • Generates over 75 possible lead scenarios for every customer based on collected data.
  • Outputs scenarios to a trained marketing specialist, who selects the best deal based on dealership parameters, OEM incentives and rebates, and that customer’s identified likelihood to purchase.

Read more about how using predictive data closes more deals.

Customer profile and new deal offer

Live Service Events

Whether a pre-scheduled service appointment or walk-in customer, you'll never miss a sales opportunity from your service drive.

Appointment Lead Delivery:

  • Helps you start each day armed with a stream of qualified sales leads.
  • Sends selected leads to the dealership the day before the appointment.
  • Automatically sends leads to the dealership’s CRM and XtreamService leads dashboard.
  • Notifies designated dealership sales personnel of customer arrival when the new RO is opened, eliminating the need to have someone stationed in service.

Same-day or Walk-in Lead Delivery:

  • Allows you to approach customers with vehicle upgrade offers while they are still in service.
  • Sends lead to designated dealership personnel within three minutes of a new RO being opened.
  • Automatically sends leads to the dealership’s CRM and XtreamService leads dashboard.

Campaign Marketing

Campaigns are used for lead generation, but they can do so much more. If you are struggling with slow-moving inventory or need quality used vehicles from trade, our specialists can use customized email and direct mail campaigns to match in-market buyers to exactly what you need to sell or acquire.

How it works:

  • Meet with your specialist each week to discuss your past performance and current needs.
  • Approve their recommendation for that week’s campaign, including options for model year upgrade, equity trade-up, interest rate reduction, and vehicle buy-back.
  • Receive leads with a very specific focus, directly aligned with your dealership’s goals.
Vehicle upgrade campaign

Automated Marketing

While we would love a 100% close rate, not every lead will result in an immediate sale. We set up a cadence of pre-approved email and direct mail communications for every lead, so you get more than one chance to close the deal.

How it works:

  • Schedules a series of upgrade and buy-back follow-up messages to both campaign and service proposals.
  • Shows you a complete view of your customer history by displaying every XtreamService message they receive in their Reynolds and Reynolds Contact Management profile.
  • Automatically creates a customer account on your Aptus website when they click through your email, so they see the same offers, can save vehicles, and have their information pre-filled in lead forms.

Retail Sales Specialist

Even the hottest leads can go cold without adequate follow-up. Our staff of trained retail specialists serves as your dealership’s extended BDC, helping you make sure every valuable lead is followed.

What they do:

  • Know the details of each customer’s history and proposed offer.
  • Identify engaged customers who have clicked on links in email offers sent through XtreamService campaigns.
  • Call from local area code phone numbers to increase the likelihood of the call being answered.
  • Use customizable talk tracks to be prepared to respond to every situation and circumstance.
  • Connect the shoppers most likely to buy with dealership salespeople who can close the deal.
Dealership sales specialist

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