Intelligent Marketing Database

Why guess when you can know? Your DMS data alone is too inaccurate to use for targeted email and direct mail messaging.  Don’t waste time and money sending the wrong message to the wrong customer – or not reaching your customer at all.

What it does:

  • Uses your DMS data, demographic and behavioral data, and industry and market data to create a marketing database that allows you to communicate relevantly to all customers, prospects, and conquest opportunities.  
  • Updates data regularly to ensure you are working with the cleanest data possible.
    • VIN Title Transfer: Compares dealership records to registered vehicle records to verify that your customer still owns the car you think they do.
    • Email Appends: Fills the gaps in records with missing email addresses so your messages reach even more of your customers.
  • Segments your data so your messages are precisely targeted to specific audiences based on numerous factors and behaviors, driving engagement and consumer action.
  • Defines rules of engagement between stores within a group to limit overlapping communications to customers from multiple dealerships 
    • Group Customer Controls: Allows dealerships to determine which store "owns" a customer for messaging 
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Targeted Email and Direct Mail

Your marketing analyst works with you to determine your dealership needs and goals, then creates smart campaigns and individualized messages to drive business in sales and service.

How they do it:

  • Analyzes previous marketing results, consumer behavior, market trends, and transactional data to create the perfect message for each recipient.
  • Designs custom creative content branded specifically to your dealership, while remaining compliant with OEM guidelines and Federal advertising regulations.
  • Tests email deliverability in every platform, so you can be confident your messages are being seen by your customers regardless of service provider or device.
  • Reduces invalid or duplicate addresses, decreasing costs by allowing you to send fewer pieces of direct mail with better results.
  • Creates a follow-up plan for customers, using their actions and content engagement to tailor offers that will get them through the door.

Read about automated email and direct mail follow-up to encourage customers to return for declined services.

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Your dealership’s newsletter content provides something for each of your customers and prospects. A mix of general and local interest articles, service offers, and sales promotions speaks to them regardless of where they are in the ownership cycle.

How it works:

  • Researches the automotive industry and consumer trends, giving your readers the most relevant content possible each month.
  • Includes timely offers designed to generate customer retail action.
  • Tracks newsletter views and clicks, showing your most popular articles and promotions.
  • Recommends articles and specials based on past newsletter performance and dealership goals.
  • Identifies engaged customers and prospects and sends immediate alerts for sales leads and service follow-up, which can be populated in your CRM.
  • Aligns your content messaging with other channels, using reader behavior to guide your strategy.
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Conquest Marketing

Not your customer? Not a problem. Grow your dealership’s market share and edge out your competition. Targeted conquest marketing reaches shoppers who are in the market for sales or service, but are not in your customer database.

How it works:

  • Identifies specific audience segments based on customer attributes and behaviors.
  • Builds look-alike audiences to find new prospects who are just like your current customers.
  • Targets customers who are most likely to buy or service, and builds a compelling message just for them.
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