You earned their business. Keep it.

The average dealer will spend $630 on customer acquisition for every new car that they sell.

That’s about 10 times what it costs to retain an existing customer. Despite this, most dealers prioritize winning new business over marketing to more profitable return customers.

Businesses in other industries have the luxury of relying on the strength of their product will bring their customers back. As a car dealership, your product doesn’t differ greatly from what your direct competition sells. You have to find another reason to make them choose you.

The number one driving factor for differentiation today is customer experience.

Ask yourself:

  • Are you spending at least as much to keep current customers as you are to win new ones?
  • How much could improving the experience you provide increase your retention rates?
  • Are you using the information available about your customers to create a marketing experience that brings them back?

Encourage repeat business

There are two parts to an experience that will encourage repeat car buyers and lifetime service customers: convenience and quality.


Your marketing methods and digital processes should show that it is quick, efficient, and easy to do business with you.

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Digital advertising

Few things are more annoying than a barrage of advertisements for items that don’t interest—or apply to—you. Targeted online advertising improves the shopping experience by delivering powerful messages and reducing digital noise. Show your ads to customers who have shown interest in your dealership and what you have to offer.

Email marketing illustration

Email and direct mail marketing

We’re all busy, right? Provide convenience with service reminders and follow-ups that allow your customers to click through the offer to schedule service immediately. This will keep them from waiting and seeking out someone else in an emergency. Recall notices, end-of-lease reminders, and new model year promotions are all ways to make the next service or purchase decision easier. And because of enhanced database capabilities, the best part is these messages are served to your customers exactly when they need them.

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Social and video advertising

Social media and video consumption is engrained in our daily lives, and with that comes great opportunity. Meet your customers’ needs through targeted social ads to your website visitors for vehicles and services they already researched. Be that social voice that is a helpful extension of your dealership.


The effect your marketing has on the quality of your customer’s experience is in the direct impact they feel from the relevance of your messaging.

A car on a lift, gears, wheels, a toolbox, a car battery, and a clipboard.

Equity Mining

People are predictable, but not always logical. Gain a better understanding of which types of campaigns, deal proposals, and possible up-sells your customers are likely to respond to. Most importantly, learn how to meet your customer needs, increase dealership loyalty and build lifetime value through proper, intelligent analytics right at your fingertips.

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Helpful, local content keeps your dealership in front of customers at every point in the sales and service cycle. Tracking their interactions with a newsletter allows you to write more about what they want to read, keeping you top-of-mind when the time comes for your customers to make a transactional decision. Align your content messaging across channels, using reader behavior to guide your strategy.

Database marketing illustration

Database marketing

Database marketing means digging deep into each customer’s profile, analyzing up to 500 data points, and then choosing the perfect sales scenarios for each of your solutions. The quality of a completely customized sales offer means your customers never have a reason to shop anywhere else but with you.

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