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Getting your hands on data is easy. Turning it into an actionable dealership marketing strategy is not.

We use exclusive market data to help you analyze your marketing. We’ll identify what works, where you can improve, and how to play to your own strengths and your competitors’ weaknesses.

What it does:

  • Analyzes sales trends in your market to identify market share leaders, geographic predictors, and seasonal effects on your marketing.
  • Provides a demographic analysis of your market area, including the population’s income, home and vehicle ownership status, buying tendencies, and other characteristics that help guide marketing decisions.
  • Compares your pre-owned vehicle strategy to your competition in terms of popular models, inventory turn, and pricing.
  • Tracks your customer journeys to help understand how they find you, at what point they submit a lead, what stops them if they don’t, and how you can convert more leads to sales.
Data used to develop market strategy

Your Specialist

Your Lead Account Strategist is an automotive expert who leverages data from your DMS, your OEM, and your specific market to completely customize your marketing mix.

The Strategist role:

  • Coordinates an entire team of marketing specialists, across all services and providers, to ensure a complete, cohesive marketing strategy.
  • Allows you to control all of your dealership marketing with one phone call, saving you the time and hassle of contacting multiple teams and vendors.
  • Works with you to determine your dealership goals, strategy, key performance indicators (KPIs), creative themes, and marketing plans for each month and the long-term.
  • Visits the dealership to strengthen your partnership and gain first-hand knowledge of your business.
Coordinated account team

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