Paid Search and Display Advertising

Capture in-market customers by using machine-learning strategies that generate more website traffic and quality lead conversions.

How it works:

  • Uses online consumer behavior and search intent data to find new in-market shoppers.
  • Pays special attention to consumers who have already shown interest by visiting your dealership’s website through search and display remarketing campaigns.
  • Leverages a full team of professional graphic designers to create unique and engaging content.
  • Promotes exactly what is on your lot with real-time inventory updates.
  • Expands the impressions of your inventory with detailed, vehicle-specific search and display ads.


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Fixed Ops Advertising

Drivers need to service their vehicles far more often than they buy new ones. Marketing fixed operations helps you gain new customers, retain current ones, and recapture the ones who haven’t been back in a while.

How it works:

  • Makes your dealership a service destination with fixed ops focused branding campaigns.
  • Helps drivers find you when they need you with service-optimized search, display, and remarketing campaigns directed to custom service landing pages.
  • Puts your service promotions in customer Facebook and Instagram feeds.
  • Provides full support of dedicated and certified advertising specialists and a creative team for unique ad graphics.
  • Uses a dealer-accessible reporting dashboard that monitors performance, details breakdowns of ad spend, and creates a quarterly market analysis.
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Social Advertising

Social Media is quickly becoming an online shopping power house. In fact, 78% of shoppers find social media useful when deciding on a new automobile purchase. Advertise where people spend their time online.

How it works:

  • Leverages your first-party data including transactional DMS data, demographic data, and digital behavioral data for targeting your advertising.
  • Reaches beyond your own audience and grows new business by using social insights to target people with similar interests and behaviors.
  • Drives specific actions with lead generation ads that feature customizable forms and pre-populated shopper information and sync the lead directly with your CRM.
  • Ensures your inventory is promoted accurately on Facebook with an automated feed from your DMS.


Learn more about Facebook Automotive Inventory Ads.

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YouTube Advertising

Want to be memorable? Consumers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video, compared to 10% when reading it in text. Get your message to stick with video ads.

How it works:

  • Increases brand awareness and drives consideration by reaching people who already have a strong interest in what you provide.
  • Uses skippable, non-skippable, and six-second bumper ads depending on your dealerships goals and desired outcome.
  • Expands the reach of your best performing audiences by targeting new users with similar characteristics to your established audiences.
  • Advertises to potential customers at specific life milestones—like moving, graduating from college, or getting married—by looking at shifting behaviors and preferences.
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Video Creation Services

Don’t miss out on the persuasive power of video marketing because you don’t have appropriate content or a dedicated video production team. Boost the power of your social and YouTube advertising with custom video spots.

How it works:

  • Creates professional-quality video content to drive interest and align with OEM National campaigns or your current Naked Lime campaigns.
  • Increases overall brand recognition with custom-made videos including graphics, voiceovers, and footage and imagery from your dealership.
  • Engages customers with your offers on specific vehicles using themed content based around major events or holidays.
  • Leverages proven video formats to drive the most interest on social channels rather than repurposing video designed for television.
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Connected TV (CTV) Advertising

Watching television is now a consumer-directed experience. Reach highly engaged consumers on the apps and devices where they’re streaming their favorite movies and shows.

How it works:

  • Run premium long-form ads before, during, or after shows and movies on streaming platforms.
  • Create custom messaging and campaigns for any aspect of the dealership—sales, service, conquest, etc.
  • Reach consumers with refined targeting and retargeting capabilities, including geo-fencing.
  • Send retargeted ads to all internet connected devices within the home, increasing the likelihood your dealership will be considered by all important decision makers.
  • Measure your success through online and offline ad performance results.

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