What today's customers expect.

Your DMS database already has the most up-to-date information on your customers, down to their email address, home address, whether they still own the vehicle on file, and other drivers associated with the vehicle.

Service, as the loyalty-driver of the dealership, should benefit from this information too! Make your messages relevant to your customers, delivered when they need service.

Target customers based on

  • mileage since last service for maintenance checkpoints
  • declined recommendations from previous visits
  • active recalls specific to their vehicle make, model, and year
  • and many other market segments
A car, and magnifying glass with bar chart.


Personalized elements and relevant information in emails leads to 50 percent higher open rates (Yes Lifestyle Marketing).

Emails customized with content and images are most likely to resonate with your audiences and encourage action.

Direct Mail

Direct mail recipients spend 28 percent more money (USPS).

Targeted direct mail forces customers to make a decision to toss or keep, and guarantees impressions.

Social Advertising

Auto ads have a click-through-rate twice as high on Facebook as other digital channels (Unified).

Ads show your specials, campaigns, and reminders to customers where they spend their time.


Set your fixed ops department up for success.

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