There's No Such Thing as One-Size-Fits-All Marketing

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Your dealership is unique—your social advertising strategy should be too.

Social media is great for responsive, insanely targeted ads, but it's a constantly changing medium. Things like ad formats and industry best practices are never the same for too long as new innovations take off and consumer interests and preferences change over time.

Your dealership needs a marketing team that can help you find success through these ins and outs, whether that's an in-house team or a chosen partner. Let us help you by providing all the information your dealership needs in order to choose the best solution for your specific needs.

When it comes to social advertising, which vendor relationship is right for you?

Automotive Inventory Advertising

For the do-it-yourself dealership with a great in-house marketing team.

Naked Lime is one of very few providers capable of receiving, processing, and distributing your vehicle data directly to Facebook and making your exact inventory available at your fingertips to run and control your own ads.

Automotive Inventory Ads (AIA) are specifically built to retarget individuals ready to buy. With Naked Lime's technical capabilities and Facebook partnership, you have access to your entire catalog of vehicle inventory on Facebook to promote in-stock vehicles with such details as price, make, model, and year (plus photos!).

From there, you can self-create and self-run dynamic ads that are automatically generated to show your most compelling inventory to the right audiences, driving them to vehicle detail pages, lead submission forms, or other retail actions.

You control your ads, your budget, and your strategy. We power the tech to make it all happen.

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Features of AIA:

  • A direct data feed that makes marketing on Facebook automated, instant, and accurate
  • Automatically updated advertising based on your real-time inventory
  • Compelling CTAs that drive consumers to the next step of their retail process
  • Targeting for customers already in the market to buy

Features excluded from AIA:

  • Social advertising on Instagram or Twitter
  • Help with ad creation and execution from ad specialists
  • Non-inventory related advertising 
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Social Media Advertising

For the "I like having an experienced partner I can trust" kind of dealership. Think of Naked Lime's social media advertising as 'AIA meets expert advertiser, meets expert target audience generator, meets so much more'.

Our social media advertising solutions allow your dealership to reach consumers on the platforms where they're already spending their time, like Facebook and Instagram, with a variety of ad types created and designed to help you communicate with your target audience (and your business goals!).

Reach in-market customers with model-specific inventory ads through a direct data feed to Facebook, along with so many more ways to engage. And receive the help of a dedicated and certified advertising specialist to ensure your ad strategy is managed using industry best practices, maximized for engagement with the right customers. See the results of your marketing efforts through dealer-accessible reporting dashboards, and invest your marketing dollars strategically with flexible monthly budgeting based on your dealership's specific goals.

Features of SMA:

  • Help from dedicated advertising specialists
  • Dealer-accessible reporting dashboards 
  • Advertising on Facebook and Instagram
  • Co-Op and Compliance consideration

Features excluded from SMA:

  • Custom audience creation
  • Social advertising on Twitter
  • Data feed support for offline conversions

Social Media Advertising with a Twist

For the most bang-for-your-buck dealership who wants to get in front of the right customer (their customer) with the right message at the right time. Our 'With a Twist' social media advertising solutions apply all of the best practices of our standard SMA solution but with the added layer of your DMS data. Target based on who/what/when last bought from you and is likely ready to take another action with you soon.

Imagine putting your inventory in front of a previous customer just a few months before their lease expiration with similar (or upgraded) makes and models. Social Media Advertising with a Twist finds opportunities like this thanks to the added twist of exceptional DMS transactional data to turn over incredibly high ROI. And it takes the responsibility of executing social marketing off of your hands and places it with our marketing experts.

A dedicated and certified advertising specialist will develop your ad strategy based on experience and industry best practices. Reach in-market and prospective sales and service customers based on custom audience lists directly from your first party data or metrics such as previous website visits. Profile segmentation data allows our experts to work with your team to come up with custom ads and campaigns that will connect with your target audience across social's most populous channels.

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Features of the Twist:

  • The help of dedicated advertising specialists
  • Custom audience list targeting and always-on audience data feed
  • Cohesive advertising across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter
  • Marketing database for managing transactions
  • Profile segmentation data for custom campaign planning

Features excluded from the Twist:

  • Search ads on non-social media sites
  • Display ads on non-social media sites
  • YouTube specific advertising


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Whether you simply want to learn more about advertising or you're looking to see how we've helped other dealerships like yours, we've got something for you.

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Sometimes it takes five different touch points – for today’s customer, it might be a Facebook ad, tomorrow’s might be a YouTube video. It takes a cumulative effort to be successful, and Naked Lime does that like no one else I’ve found.

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We generated 4,000 Facebook fans in less than 2 months and created awareness for our dealership.

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