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The Difference Data Makes

Your DMS database can't tell you everything, but it can tell you a whole lot.

Don't waste time sending mis-targeted messages that are destined to be ignored (that is, if they reach your customer at all).

See the difference that accurate, actionable data can make on your marketing efforts by creating a database specifically for marketing use and based on your actual DMS customer first-party data.

Even with tightened inventory, marketing helps you sell more— and sell faster.

Think of your data like a roadmap. There might be multiple ways to reach your destination, but you want to choose the option that's going to save you the most time, effort, and money while also delivering the greatest, most valuable return.

A data-backed, targeted approach to your marketing ensures that none of what you invest in goes to waste.

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Reach the right customers

Capture in-market opportunity with strategic ad placements on the platforms your customers are already using.

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with the right message

Drive action with relevant email and direct mail based on demographic, behavioral, and sales data.

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at the right time.

Utilize refined targeting technology to match your dealership inventory with customers who have shown active interest.


Market Smarter: Strategically Advertising during Tough Times

Marketing and advertising funds are often the first place dealers turn when they need to cut costs, but sometimes the first instinct is the wrong one. What the data actually suggests is that even in tough business times, advertising still helps you sell more—and sell faster. 

Marketing in uncertain times doesn't have to be, well, uncertain.

A data-backed strategy for marketing your fixed operations can bring a steady source of income into your dealership, all while building loyal relationships with your most frequent customers to bring them back in when it's time for a new vehicle.

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Reach service customers

Capture service demand with strategic ads and retargeting based on purchase history and online behavior, such as website visits.

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regarding the work they need

Recapture missed opportunities by following up with customers based on their specific declined services, as well as the more profitable ROs you're anxious to schedule.


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when they need it the most.

Convert your service customers into sales customers (and acquire quality used inventory in the process) with predictive analytics.

Fixed ops marketing + squeaky clean data = real results

The numbers don't lie. Here's why you should be marketing your fixed operations with a data-backed strategy:

Over 35% of a dealership's gross income is from fixed operations.1


Roughly 75% of all inbound, revenue generating calls go to the fixed ops department.2


32% of customers don't keep track of their vehicle service schedule. 29% rely on dealership notifications regarding maintenance.3

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Dealerships capture less than 45% of total customer-pay RO profit opportunities.4


Most dealers only allocate 5-15% of their marketing budget to fixed ops.5


50% of new and used car buyers do not return for customer-pay service work after one year. 80% stop coming back after two years.6

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See what accurate, actionable data can do for you!

Get a market analysis and learn about how data can boost your marketing success.

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Your Marketing is History

Too much dealership marketing is based on what the target buyer did in the past. Stop trying to sell to the person they were years ago, when they bought their last car. You have the data to predict what they'll do next.

Ever since we came back to Naked Lime, I’ve noticed an increase in both new lead submissions and return service customers. I’m able to track the campaigns we send out and get analytics. My Naked Lime team also sends me an email with prospects if they’ve clicked any of our email offers. From there, we follow up with the customer and try to set an appointment.

Bonnie Trotter Marketing Director Myrtle Beach Chevrolet Myrtle Beach, SC

Before Naked Lime, we only had 10% of our customers’ email addresses in our database. We set a goal to reach at least 50% and we exceeded that. Currently we’re up to 70%.

John Bigelow Parts and Service Director Stearns Ford Burlington, NC

Sometimes it takes five different touch points – for today’s customer, it might be a Facebook ad, tomorrow’s might be a YouTube video. It takes a cumulative effort to be successful, and Naked Lime does that like no one else I’ve found.

Tony McCombs Operations Manager Carl Hogan Automotive Columbus, MS