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How Wide is your Opportunity Gap?

Has your service drive ever stopped to calculate how much profit you're losing from declined recommended services?

What about how much you could get back?

Recovering Lost Profits in Service


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Now that you know about your dealership's opportunity gap, how do you fix it?

The best solution is a process that is automatic and dynamic.


Naked Lime's Targeted Marketing works with your Advanced Service for Reynolds and Reynolds to automatically follow up with customers who've declined services:

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Automatically send follow-ups tailored to the individual customer and the urgency of their recommended, not done work.

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Seamlessly connect to information from your Reynolds database to send relevant, accurate, and timely emails about vehicle service needs.

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Provide direct mail reminders about incomplete services to customers, creating multiple chances to capture additional repair opportunities.

Why Naked Lime?

The consultative approach Naked Lime uses to create more cohesive, effective, personalized marketing for each dealership is different than anything else in our industry.

We use your customer data (transactional, demographic, and behavioral) to make marketing that matters to your audience at every stage.


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